Discussions about everything Tremulous!


The "Tremulous Development" subcategory is for all public posts related to GrangerHub's development of the new Tremulous client, the new Tremulous server, the new Tremulous launcher/updater, as well as posts related to GrangerHub's development server(s) (currently the test7341 server).

Tremulous Assets Factory

This category is all about producing new assets for the next version of Tremulous that highlights its new graphics capabilities while still having good performance on older machines. This includes sounds, textures, models, maps, etc. Exceptional assets will be selected to be included with the initial release of the next version of Tremulous.

GrangerHub Meta

The GrangerHub Meta Catagory was made to allow the public to discuss anything related to the site!


This category is for server owners to list their servers, to discuss setting up and running your own Tremulous 1.3 dedicated server (tremded) with other server owners. If you operate a server and would like to be added to the Server Owners group, send a PM to @ServerOwners


Register your clan, organize games on GrangerClub, scrim like a boss and compete in upcoming tournaments!