About the alien kamikaze


I’ve seen the comments on my idea about alien kamikase, and I saw that there are more people thinking that it’s better not to put it in the game, but so, although the cons I want to put it in 1.3 to see if the kamikaze gameplay really would be cool, if in case it is not the class itself could become an ability of some good alien in the case of granger I recommend that he in stage 2 he could already build mines aliens to protect base and on the kamikaze ,

  • so as not to give too many disadvantages to humans, human structures will be resistant to this explosion
  • and to kill the first player he would have to explode very close and he would not be so slow and not so fragile humans will only have to take distance from him not to die
  • In this the alien will have to hide and catch the player of surprise to kill him

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