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Unitremia is a public multiprotocol Tremulous 1.3 server owned by yours truly, *<{dGr8LookinSparky, and is located in Frankfurt, Germany. The game play of this server is based on the Swirl Game mode of Tremulous 1.3, I will keep the server updated with that game play, and from time to time I may mod Unitremia’s game play differently.

The most important thing to keep in mind when visiting Unitremia, is to have good fun, and it is a priority to maintain the environment and atmosphere of the server exactly for that purpose. The operation of this server will be relatively informal.

Feel free to post any suggestions, ideas, questions, and constructive criticisms you may have regarding the game play, map rotation, and available maps in this category.

I will be pasting the game server rules here later when I have time, but essentially it will be the same as GrangerPub’s rules.

The admin selection process is informal. There are no applications. Basically if I feel that someone I’m familiar with might be a good fit as an admin for the server, I’ll ask them if they would like to join Unitremia’s administration, and if they say yes and agree to the admin guidelines (to be added later when I have time), they’ll become admins at the level I determine to be their best fit. I have final say in the selection, promotion, demotion, and removal of any admin on this server.

Don’t be offended if you might not be chosen, selection will not only be based on the quality of a potential admin, but also based on the opening of slots, so I can and will be highly selective, and may end up passing on some very good candidates if there isn’t a need to hire them at a give point in time.

The current list of Unitremia’s admins can be found on this page: https://forum.grangerhub.com/groups/UnitremiaAdmins

If you would like to report another player for breaking the rules, or if you have been banned and would like to submit an appeal, you can submit such a report/appeal to the @UnitremiaAdmins group. For reports of possible misconduct by any of the admins, please contact me directly on these forums via private message. When submitting any report/appeal, describe the issue and any relevant information in as much detail as you can, and include any available evidence. Issues with specific players/admins will not be discussed publicly, and any publicly submitted reports/appeals will not be accepted.

Have fun!

- *<{dGr8LookinSparky

© Unitremia, All rights reserved.

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