Admin Application

Im aplying For lv.2 Admin On Granger Pub server and my Name is [LGF]Ifeed :slight_smile: Ihope ill Get lv.2 admin :slight_smile:

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I am against this, I had to warn him sometimes.

I actually kinda like the fact that you made an application for level 2 even if what Ghost said is correct.

I have never had to !warn you as of yet, and I haven’t seen others do it. I don’t know whether or not this will pass but props to you for even applying for votekick protection.

Hi @macosx10.5.8 ([LGF]ifeed). Welcome to the forums.

Firstly, I want you to know that a level 2 status is NOT an admin level, it is just a regular player vote inmunity.
Secondly, a level 2 request needs to be done with some evidence regarding WHY you NEED this vote inmunity, for example: screenshots of constant kick/mute/spec votes against you without valid reasons explaining what happened and/or condumps about those events. For example, Level 2 have been granted to people who play trem very good(skill) and people tend to vote against it for “hacking”. Some other reasons are valid too.
Lastly, be sure to read the Server Rules, Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.


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