Advance Mapping Patch (AMP) ported to Tremulous 1.3


Recently we have ported the Advance Mapping Patch (known as AMP) to 1.3. AMP was originally a mod for 1.1 coded by Troy. /dev/humancontroller ported AMP to gpp (which was the version of the patch I worked from to port to 1.3). AMP primarily provided new map entities That can allow mappers to drastically alter game play through their map.

Among the features introduced by AMP are destructables which are map entities that have health and can be damaged and destroyed, spawnables which are map entities that can spawn back in, new trigger/target entities that allow for forcing weapons/classes/upgrades, and logic gate entities that allows for a primitive way of programming logical relationships between different entities as well as for unconventional sophisticated win conditions.

The Operation Blackout map was a collaborative project that made heavy use of AMP’s features (original map release thread can be found here: ). It is an objective based map where humans have a limited time to complete three objectives (in any order), and aliens have to try to prevent that from happening. This map includes equipment racks that can be used by humans, vents that force specific classes for aliens in their starting teleporter room, map entities that can be destroyed (which are involved in two of the three objectives), and a lot of other interesting miscellaneous map features.

There have been a few other publicly released maps that make use of AMP (including a version of capture the flag for Trem), but Blackout is probably the most noteworthy so far. New maps can be made with these features, however, with everything said, working with the AMP logic gate entities can get complicated, and ultimately a better system for mappers that would be easier for them to work with, and have even more potential would be one that makes use of the Lua programming language (or something like it). But for now, one of the main reasons I was interested in us porting AMP, was to be able to utilize Operation Blackout as a prototypical co-op map, with bots that would be on the alien team (to come later once the new bot system is ready enough).