Assets from Tremz that you can reuse

A tremulous user asked that I release the ui assets from tremz here for use in this project. Feel free to reuse any of the assets in this zip.!nQRlARyQ!F1QLCs2s6Q6HqJD0kj8-PeiCq5N4nDVa4aJroooS5rc


Welcome back, Volt. Bix says hey.

dude VOLT MAN I THOUGHT YOU DIED like in some tragic lumbar puncture mishap WELCOME BACK DUDE

Nice! I’ll didn’t know that tremz was the precursor to unvanquished until a cursory Google search.

Are you still working with them?

Picture dump sorry slow connections: Link to album showcasing ui assets

There is a lot of stuff in there that I’m sure you guys can reuse. Please remember this shit is kinda old from end of 2012 type of old. So might need some updating.

@bird Sup Bixy boy.

@krtv Thanks, also good job up updating volt hud to work with grangerhub. Get whoever is modifying your code to bump that max_menuitems variable. That’s why you’re having issues running it on grangerhub server.

blowFish Naw man, I got booted a while back. I am not working with them.

@Volt, I saw after hitting couple other search results which lead to trem forums…

So I really wanna know, did you submit an issue to THZ years ago for ADD ON FOR THZ? I’ve had an outstanding issue for years that references an HUD modification that you supposedly made for my hacks.

@blowFish lol man I had to read your question a few times. Yea that was me who submitted that request.

Do you mind if I force you through the powers of internet nagging to specify the licence in which who, what, how and to which extent can your assets be reused?

Thanks bae and welcome back. :sunglasses:

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