Booster Crowding


This has been an issue for ages. The booster being blocked by a/some alien teammates, keeping poison out of reach for other aliens. This problem has been compounded if a teammate goes afk with a large alien on the booster, it has also been a source of griefing.

We have just implemented a solution, now any alien that is boosted, can boost other aliens that touch said boosted alien. The boosted time for such a newly boosted alien would start out with the remaining time left from the touched boosted alien.


We decided to scrap the above mentioned solution, as it could encourage undesirable blocking in/near combat to try to get poison from other players. So we are trying a different approach (as recommended by @romdos ). Now aliens can get poison from the booster by being in healing range, without having to touch the booster, provided the map isn’t blocking the view of the booster. This is the commit:


Finally the booster have limited regen HPs, aliens will not able to boost too many on it. :slight_smile:

Great project. :+1:


We didn’t limit how much the booster can heal, rather the booster can give poison to any alien in its healing range, and not blocked by the map.

However, that is a good idea you brought up for a possible temporary deployable, something that can heal players, but be limited in how much healing it can do.


So the aliens will depend for how much HP will healing to them, and poison will give them by limit range?


Not with the booster, but like I said, that might be good for something else new in the future.

Aliens don’t have to touch the booster to get poison, they just have to be in healing to get poison, that way if the booster is blocked by a teammate, that won’t prevent other aliens from getting poison.


Yup, same as this present. But I hope the booster will getting limited for improve project. However, those aliens have many types of class (big or small sizes) with different HPs are still complicated with how much healing HP from booster, I’m afraid humans will not fair if aliens can continue to attack after healing unlimited times.


A possible attribute to consider for at least some classes to have, and maybe even for the humans to have, is to do something like what we have done recently with the buildable health. That is have the max health of a player decrease when it heals, so there would be a limit to how often you can heal before dying.