Bring back the GMOT maps please

Can you bring them back to the server. The map names are ‘niveus_gmotwmod02’ and ‘treecannon_b4_gmotwmod06-1.1.0’. They are both fun maps to play.
And Woodbury removed them from the GrangerPub server for no reason at all.
Can someone explain this?


I don’t think niveus_gmotw is a very well-designed map, but they’re both very fun to play every now and then, especially treecannon_gmotw. I 100% support returning them to the server, no clue why they would ever be removed in the first place. Even if one guy (Woodbury) doesn’t like a map, that’s no reason to use his authority to get it removed from the server. Highly unprofessional. It’s especially weird since we played treecannon_gmotw just 3-4 hours ago on GPub.

Unfortunately that particular map (because it has a lot of map entities) was triggering the bad command byte for most almost all the players connecting to the server. This is directly related to the max config strings bug. The following are factors that when combined trigger this:

  • Number of players on the server (I don’t want to reduce the maximum number of players allows especially since GrangerPub is the primarily active Trem server at the moment).

  • Number of map entities in a given map (some maps have a lot this modded version of Niveus, hard landing, and Assault).

  • Number of buildables built on the server (This is the reason why on some maps that have higher than default bp, such as Tree Cannon, the max configstrings error triggers for players not already already connected, and the players that connected before the large number of buildables were built don’t have the problem).

  • Number of pk3 files on the server (Which would include the number of custom maps on the server, but there is still not a very large number of maps on GrangerPub).

While I do like the modified version of Niveus, if it prevents most players from being able to connect, unfortunately it needs to be removed until this extremely annoying bug is fixed.

I’ve never seen anyone have problems with or complain about Treecannon_GMOTW, and it was played on the server today without any problem. I see no reason why it should be removed from the server unless you can prove that “it prevents most players from being able to connect”. It’s always been popular, and there was no good reason to remove it when it clearly doesn’t cause any problems.

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pls kill all gmotw maps. i beg of you

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when the map gets to the point where a lot of buildables are built, and there is a relatively large number of players already connected, any other player is not already connected to the server and attempts to connect will receive either the “max configstrings” error or the “bad command byte” error

I’ve seen players unable to connect on tree cannon once a lot of buildables have been built and there is a relatively large number of players already connected. I have had this happen to me a couple of times as well. Also when I asked others who experienced this error on GrangerPub, a lot of the times it was Tree Canon with a lot of players connected. Here is one such exampled indicated on the forums:

Okay fine. As a way of making up for that, can you add the original treecannon_b4 to the server? I am 95% sure it does not use more than the 100 BP available in the BUILTIN layout, and it is smaller in size than GMOTW as well.

I’ll check it out tonight.




Wen wil u al git reel n stop trying to Hve fun on Trem only srs prfsl gameplay allowed

tahts waht granger


is all about

Lets give this version a try:

While it still overrides the default bp, the bp is set to 200 instead of 400. This version unfortunately is missing the teleporter room (and maybe some other things), but the original treecannon_b4 was missing even more features. If the max configstrings and/or bad command byte still occur with the current version we are trying, then we will fall back on the original b4 version (which I confirmed does not override the default bp with a higher value).

The original treecannon_b4 was not missing any features. It was a fine map on its own. The GMOTW version just added a shit-ton of unnecessary things, some of which are okay, others which I consider terrible for the gameplay. And honestly, the teleporter room was one of the biggest problems; it’s good to have it gone.

Furthermore, there must be ways to override the BP limit set by a map, I would think, as I’ve played on multiple servers where treecannon_gmotw had only 100 BP. In fact, I didn’t realize at first that you meant the default BP was overridden, I thought you just meant that a team started with more than 100 BP worth of buildables, because I’ve never seen more than 100 BP on treecannon_gmotw before.

One word: mapconfig, you can override any map’s settings with your own cfg.

Good riddance, TPs are cancerous.

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