[BUG] The main menu kept freezing when play was pressed


Hi Sparky.

Hank is having some trouble with his computing machine.
The main menu kept freezing when play was pressed.
Only way was to restart the computer and go via mods next time and click one of the tests...

Now it just shuts down Tremulous when anything is clicked on on the menu.

Hank has a MacBook Pro.

What to do?

Poll: Disallow build in water?

shuts down, that is.


Hey Hank, I moved your posts because I felt that it was more appropriate to split them into their own thread under a relevant forum category.

Do you mind specifying Hank's Macbook's specs (His CPU, His GPU, His OS version, His RAM, etc) and which Tremulous client Hank is using? Thanks.


Attempt mac's alternative to windows compatibility modes, and run as administrator.


Hi Hank :smile: ,

Welcome to GrangerHub's forums. Has Hank tried deleting the extra pk3 files in the gpp directory? Someone who knows Tremulous on Macs can post the file path to the gpp folder in this topic.


Hank tell us more info of problem :slight_smile:


Hank have OS X 10.6.8
Seems only to have limited number of post-creds, so will edit this one...

Have tried deleting pk3 files(if they are simply the ones named pk3), but they were undeletable it seems.

Have also downloaded again and from different source but problem remains...


Microbe might have a point.
Since problem came kinda gradually, the overwrite makes sense...no?

But shouldn´t deleting Trem and re-downloading it fix that?

And what if Hank is bot?

Not the worst thing to be...

Yep. No messing with Hank.


nice try hank we all know you're a bot. Sparky you're not fooling me with your posts as "hank"

OT: It's a good idea to use different trem folders for every mod you play, otherwise some might overwrite eachother and break.


Lol, newsource remeber mac os 10.6.8 :blush: NewSource uses it :smiley:


which files you tried delete? edge shit? well idk....i never play trem on mac (mm no i lie..i play in hackintosh via Wine without videocard drivers, result - 15 fps...)


Hank is so cute.


Don't mess with Hank


Hank is only allowed a few posts as newcomer, but tried to delete the pk3 files(assuming it was the files simply ending in pk3 in name), but they turned out to be undeletable....

Sorry for posting on other topic, Sparky. Ran out of allowed posts.

Have tried downloading anew and downloading from other sources, but problems remain...


Hi Hank :slight_smile: ,

If Hank reads a bunch more topics, Hank would very quickly automatically become a basic user. I also recommend that Hank should read the community guidelines, if Hank hasn't already read them.


Hank likes. Good rules. Fucked up the tidyness thing allaready...

Point taken.

Sparky rocks. :space_invader: :space_invader: :space_invader: :space_invader: :space_invader:



Disable fullscreen ( r_fullscreen 0 in console) and see if it works then.


Done. Fullscreen disabled. Now console unclosable. Writes < instead of closing...

Is there anything Hank can write in console to close console?

Impossible to test theory otherwise...


Hank, I really wish I could help you with your problem. Have you tried installing a different tremulous client such as tremfusion, it modifies some of the console settings.

Ckit is also wondering if Hank would like to be friends.


Ckit have link to client?

Of course Hank is friend.


Yay! Ckit is glad.

Here is link to install tremfusion http://forum.grangerhub.com/t/installing-tremfusion-for-playing-tremulous-1-1/220


Thanx, but how do on Mac?

Instructions on page not that clear, no?