[BUG] The main menu kept freezing when play was pressed


I agree, it's a little lengthy

Here is the direct download link, and some more summarized instructions. (click the mac download)


Hank....try install trem on Crossover or another Win32 app emulator for Mac, coz Trem on macs isn't best...


Downloaded all three.
Opened them.
Opened Tremulous gpp1.

Same same. Shuts down as soon as anything is clicked on...

Am Hank doing it wrong?


Hank will try WineBottler...

Thanx, New.

Trem worked great on Hank´s Mac until now, though...

Wonder what might have changed?


Tremfusion is a client that will allow @Hank to connect to all 1.1 servers, and to the multiprotocol servers (i.e. GrangerPub , GrangerClub, & test7341), however, Hank would not be able to connect to pure gpp servers with that client. (side note: GrangerHub is working on a new Tremulous Client that is multi-protocol and can connect to any Tremulous server, 1.1 servers, gpp servers, and the new Tremulous servers).


This sounds like you're missing a "healthy" ui.qvm


Mac issues are almost always due to out of date SDL dylib.

Most of the time this is due to using any of the 4 deprecated fullscreen API's that apple has.

@Hank Your saying that you can't close the console once its open?

When you are done in the console, try typeing "toggleconsole" (then hit enter), this should close the console screen again.

Otherwise, screenshots needed.


Thank you.
This closes the console.
Program still shuts down as soon as anything is clicked on, but now we know it´s not the fullscreen mode...


Hank just wants to play some Tremulous...


So play on CrossOver as i said :smile: because dont matter do u use win32 app emulator or native mac trem client...just have fun :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanx, New.
Hank is back in business.
Got a 14 day trial CrossOver thingie...
It works.

All maps but PaiNt7...




Ckit looks forward to playing with Hank.


tell me when trial end, i tell you what u should do with CrossOver.....


/bind key toggleconsole


Thank you.

Hank really appreciates the support from you and everyone else.

Nice community...


...but someone else seems to have registered Hank´s name.
An admin it says...

So if you see Hank online it is not Hank.

Or the person just wanted to block Hank from using name...
Can not imagine what the gain would be?


Hank , the Hank that registered the name Hank on the game servers, is the original Hank, and the same Hank that is registered on these forums, who is also the same Hank I'm replying to now. GrangerPub & GangerClub uses different ports for the 1.1 protocol, for the gpp protocol, and for the latest protocol. As a result, Hank's GUID is different when Hank connects using a gpp client or a 1.1 client. So Hank can't (conveniently) have the same name registered for 1.1 and gpp at the same time on the multiprotocol servers. We plan on fixing this problem in the near future.

Until then, the ideal solution is for Hank to register on the servers with a temporary name, and post that temporary name here. Then when Hank is online at the same time as an admin that can setlevel, Hank can regain Hank's name, which is Hank.


Hank is the Original Hank.

Temporarily known as Unnamed Hank.


P.s. You look Gr8, btw.


Hank chooses Sparky´s : The Original Hank.

They already figured out that Hank is bot programmed by Sparky anyway, so...



I thank Hank for the comlement! Hank also looks Gr8, btw :smiley: !