[BUG] The main menu kept freezing when play was pressed




dGr8LookinAnyAnotherWhoIsntSpark :smiley:


Thanx again for help.

Nice to be Back again.
Since shift to pc-mode, all maps have been very dark. And this has not been possible to fix in settings.
Also: How to open console? Used to open with <

Hank (Unattractive Male Boy)


Console has always been opened via '~' or tilde.


Hank, i remeber, in max screen crossover have bug, so gamma unchagable

so run in window mode, open console and correct game via /r_gamma VALUE (e.g r_gamma 1)


Sounds like hank is using 1.1 tremulous.net release, is this correct?


prob he use 1.1....i think so...well i dont suggest him try gpp on crossover, coz it B NIGGER, but no, i joking

i remeber i playing in hackintosh tremgpp via crossover EVEN without NVIDIA DRIVERS :D, but ofc 15 fps ...


I dont know what you mean by crossover. I myself have 3 different OSX machines which I use for development. They all exceed 60fps (including my PPC G4 Quicksilver; e.g., older than tremulous).

i.e., if you wanna Macintosh- buy an Macintosh.


i.e., if you wanna Hackintosh- download and install Hackintosh.

ofc if u are billioner, go buy mac pro, but if not u can only hackintoshing :smiley:


If r_gamma or the slider doesn't work, try this:

r_ignorehwgamma 1, change r_gamma, and then do vid_restart

You can also try fiddling with r_intensity, and for the worst cases r_lightmap 1 will do the trick, even if the map looks a lot less appealing.


mmmmmm Interesting :P........


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