C and Tremulous


What level of C knowledge would be required to be able to code quake3/Tremulous?

I found a book called "Beginning Programming with C for Dummies," will it suffice?


Look for a book/tutorial on programming in quake 3. I've started it for a refresher and good stuff in there.


I have been putting together a page on the wiki with links to resources that can be helpful for Trem development.



avoid cheap and stupid books in general.


I would also like to mention that the key in learning any programming language is to actually use it. Be sure to write a lot of little stand alone programs, and challenge yourself with creative tasks for these programs to do. Don't just stick to the assignments given by tutorials/guides/books, always try to take it further than the requirements.


This book is out of print for a while, and probably a little outdated, but still contains some useful bits. You might be able to find it used on amazon or so.