Chaingun replacement


this is my caingun replacement i would like you to ask permission befor using

 i would really like some suggestions on what to make next 
           and if your making a mod i would be happy to help with the modeling

here is link to youtube vid on closer look at the weapon the

download link here[img]http://[/img]

you can download this and play multi-player but the server will reject it if the server is running sv_pure 1 and wont get to play on that server




what do you think?


Texture looks pretty good but it doesn't really match the rest of the player models, especially the bsuit.


Looks good


need a better screenshot: the weapon should be closer to the camera, and anti-aliasing should be enabled.


thank you for your opinion i will see if i can make textures look more natural = D


lol, there's already a shitton non-matching texture classes of players and buildables.


Is this even usable in the server?


it the server can eccept it and use it if that is what you mean then yes


buy if you put this in your files then ghub will reject it because ghub is a pure server and rejects all custom content to minimize hacking


Isn't it only usable if the server is sv_pure 1?