Clan Disbanded


Disbanded Clan!


I’m sure this will never be used in future clan scrims. Such examples may include:

  • Failing Campers
  • Farming Chickens
  • Free Credits
  • Fruity Cucks
  • French-Canadians
  • And much, much more!

Goodluck on your clan, @Elite! :wink:



  • Free Cans?
  • Founding Countries?
  • Flicks Calling?
  • Forever Calls?
  • Five Cats?
  • Fish Couch?

Good luck @Elite :thumbsup:


You guys both make a good point I might change the name to them.


Good luck @Elite :slight_smile: ,

@OMFG , you might want to check this clan out.


Faithful Commanders
Freaky Cougars
Fap Cam
Frightened Campers
Fag Ckit
Fk Camps
Fucking Cringe

Oh…and also best one for this year.


You should just call your clan FC and whenever someone asks what it stands for, just use a different name.

Flippin Cars
Fake Cereal
Flatulent Cambodians
Fun Carcinogens
Fate Creeps
Feeding Chumps
Free Chlamydia
Floop Cadoobidy
Freight Chrain
Fickle Cream
Family Camp
Fast Crepes


lol random


@Hero this tag reminds me another one… Mmhhh…


At least it is not Fc|


Hey Elite good luck with your clan :smiley:




I like the way you took my name and pasted it on your profile photo. <two.


What do you mean?


@Elite has purple lightning in his profile pic, not yellow lightning. Purple is the color of royality btw, plus I have to admit that the pic does look pretty awesome :slight_smile: .


I am not officially Yellow Lightning xD, more like Lightning, sometimes im yellow, sometimes im grease.


Well Its purple so I don’t need your retarded insults against mind your own business Please And ThankYou!


What happened? It has only been 6 days.


Well I definitely didn’t see that coming.


RIP Free Credits. :church:

You died too young for this aging videogame.