Clan Disbanded




I guess now I have to join another clan. Just such a shame this clan had so much potential, but that potential just disappeared so quickly.

All 4 members gone now!!! :frowning:

right, what new clan should I join?


I'm not necessary yellow.

What insults?

Perfect description of the player "Elite".


@Rekove your monkeys are flinging shit back and forth at each other, i'd appreciate it if you could keep your animals under control.


I don't really give a flying fuck what you'd appreciate bud. Anything else?

I'm sorry, that sounded super aggressive. I apologize.

Let's try again.

What I meant to say was: I'll definitely look into this because you'd appreciate it and my one and only purpose is to pamper and care for your feelings :slight_smile:

Ah hell, now it sounds passive aggressive.

Let's try again.

What I really meant to say was: Please do not bring me into something that is not my problem, and please do not force a problem onto me that isn't mine. I ask this with all due respect for such a distinguished and impressive member of our community such as yourself (no insult intended, nor mockery, jest, sarcasm, or joke). In my book, you'll always be the real mvp.


I think the the great profile photo controversy of the Tremulous community should be settled in a grudge match in-game. Winners get bragging rights.


I am the only elite here I'm the alpha. I own all clans


It appears to me that this thread has run it's due course and is going nowhere fast, so I'm going to close it.


If you wish for this particular clan to return, let me know and I'll re-open it. Otherwise, I'd recommend making a new thread.