Clarification of rule


WRONG. this has always been obvious to me. also, just in case u missed a related fact: it's also possible to ghost which team is winning.


Protip: Your OPINIONS(tm) of each other are better suited to PMs. Refocus. Kthx.


well,I give up, nobody wanna understand this problem.......


WRONG. u don't understand teh PROBLEM.


So, what is the problem?


the PROBLEM is, that the (so-far raised) arguments against „joining a team after spectation-based ghosting” r general to all of spectation-based ghosting; it even is more plausible, that knowing about one team's winning status, is more significant, than knowing about a main buildable move.


I agree, but how could we solve this problem? Don't let ppl spec?


A bit off-topic but no one's mentioned it yet: the tool doesn't even exist in the (comically shitty) mobile version.


So over this topic


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