Current Map Rotation For GrangerPub US East

No I mean some one else is gonna have to die hard.

I have updated the rotation for GrangerPub. This current rotation started from the previous rotation, with a lot of additions/editing based on @Menace13 's recommendations, the inclusions of 3 of @Matth_ 's recently released maps ( GrangerHub FCKGHB ), and some miner additional tweaking.


Personally, I don’t think UTCSUD or atcs_2015 are ready to fully replace their respective original maps. They should be included in rotation, but not entirely in favor of the originals. UTCSUD has more areas and is a bit bigger, has the water (which is annoying because it slows you down and is loud and messes up pounces), and some janky radar visibility problems. atcs_2015 also has some janky radar visibility problems, lacks sufficient clipping on walls with details, and has the annoying non-existent boxes that aliens can hide in at HS1. It also has some spots where wallwalk gets messed up, most notably on the light on the cubby ceiling in each of the four cubbies in each base. The lights at the bottom of the walls can be stood on because they are not clipped properly, creating an annoying experience when walking or wallwalking near them. They’re both good maps, but I have multiple times seen votes for atcs while on atcs_2015 because of the small problems that annoy people.

Also, about the added maps, @dGr8LookinSparky you didn’t add rapier (either beta) or cruz-b6 :< but beside that I wanted to take the time to thank you. For the most part, the rotation is pretty great (I have some misgivings about some of the maps in rotation 4, and I think atcs-onice-b1 is a bit big for rotation 2 and should be exclusively rotation 3, but no matter what it’s a HUGE improvement). You also added a bunch of classic maps that people may have forgotten and some popular maps that you may not have known about. So, thank you. I think I speak for a large portion of the server when I say this change was highly anticipated and warmly accepted.

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We did have cruz on the server awhile ago, but but from what I understand, there was a bug it has with the current qvm on GrangerPub/GrangerClub that made it unplayable. Both cruz-b5 and cruz-b6 are available on the test7341 server, and I added cruz-b5 ( @faceman recommend version 5 over version 6) to rotation 3 on that server.

Regarding rapier, I didn’t add it yet because never really liked the the alien default base, and I would like to try out b2 ( idk if the alien default bas was improved ), but I couldn’t download it from the link you provided. If you wee to provide a download link that would work for me, I’ll add it to rotation 3 as per your recommendation.

That is a huge advantage UTCSUD has over UTCS, as now there are better options for building decent bases for both teams. There are also some more options for approaching with attacks.

If you are referring to the camera view flipping upside down while wall walking, that is a bug that GrangerPub and GrangerClub has in general, but is not specific to the map. It happens when you bump into things (including players). This bug doesn’t exist on the test7341 server, and we are probably not going to be fixing it on the current qvms that GrangerPub & GrangerClub uses anytime soon as our focus for development is primarily on test7341. In my opinion maps should not be designed to accommodate bugs that some servers have.

I would like to mention that we have recently added a huge amount of maps to our map repo at , there are now 1,286 maps listed there and available for download.

For anyone who sees a map there they would like to see on the server, please make a new post with the name of the map(s) and screen shots in this category .

If there is/are a/some maps that you would like to see on the server but that is not currently on the map repo, you can also make a post in that same category with the name of the map(s), screenshots, and a download link.

There are no guarantees that suggested maps will be added to the server, so make sure to make a good case to add your suggested map(s).

I should mention that we aren’t going to be hosting any maps with pornograpy nor nude images on any GrangerHub server, so don’t suggest them.

[quote=“dGr8LookinSparky, post:24, topic:673, full:true”]
-snip about cruz-b5 and rapier-[/quote]

Alright, that explains it, thanks. As for rapier, I don’t think the alien default base is very different in b2, if at all different; I could be wrong, though. This link should work now.

[quote=“dGr8LookinSparky, post:24, topic:673, full:true”]
That is a huge advantage UTCSUD has over UTCS, as now there are better options for building decent bases for both teams. There are also some more options for approaching with attacks.[/quote]

As it is, UTCSUD and UTCS are fairly separate and distinct maps, unlike ATCS and ATCS_2015. It wouldn’t be a bad thing if UTCS and UTCSUD were both in the rotation, perhaps with UTCS in rotation 2 and UTCSUD in rotation 3? The expansions and changes are not all bad, but it would be nice if the radar visibility problems (around certain corners and under/above certain ledges) and water could be fixed. I hate the water the most, and I know for a fact I’m not alone on that. The slow-down it comes with is very annoying for chasing humans as they cannot simply strafe jump away and ignore most of the slow-down. I guess I should bring that up with Matth rather than you, though.

No, not that. The light on the ceiling of the cubby can sometimes make you flip off the ceiling and just land back on the floor in the center of human base, which is very bad if you’re trying to wallwalk up to hall to flank the humans in hall. It’s not every time, but it’s frequent enough to be annoying. It’s another thing I should probably just bring up with Matth and hope he’ll be willing to solve.

I’d be perfectly content with this rotation for ANY pop cap

  1. atcs
  2. atcs
  3. tremor
  4. niveus
  5. atcs

Rinse and repeat.

UTCSHD is vastly superior to UTCS and should be replaced by the former. ATCS 2015 is beautiful but has some issues like Menace mentioned, I also dislike how building in the bunker is more restricted due to the adding of boxes and shelves.

You would not be happy with this cause I would quit trem. 3 games of ATCS in a row with 30+ server pop? No thanks.

Lets get some variety, a good balanced map pool is so crucial to maintaining a healthy playerbase.

I have added rapier-b2 to rotation 3 on GrangerPub (as well as on test7341)

wrecktify_b2 has been added to rotation 4 on the GrangerPub and test7341 servers.

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derelict-beta04 and rapier-b2 were removed from the rotation (but still available in the map list for voting). The rotation change thresholds were also increased.

The MaeJonged version of Arachind2 has been added to rotation 3.

Matth’s “A.T.C.S - Reworked” map has been added to the rotation.

The rotation has been updated.

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Orion has been removed from the rotation, but is still available on the server for map votes.

I’m thinking of replacing gloom2beta2’s and cerberus_final’s slots in rotation3 with Fortification v1.2 ( Map release: Fortification ). Are there any objections? It may also be good as an additional map in rotation2 as it does seem to play will in both small and mid sized games, and this map seems to have become very popular.


Replace cerberus but not gloom

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I replaced gloom2beta2’s (a lot of people felt gloom2beta2 has too much boring camping on the GrangerPub server, and I agree with them, sorry to the fans of gloom2beta2) and cerberus_final’s slots with instances of Fortification, and I added a Fortification slot in rotation2.

gloom2beta2 and cerberus_final is still on the map list and can still be called via a map vote.

Fortification is a very slow paced map that offers little to no tantalizing gameplay, as a whole the map feels like it was upscaled ridiculously and isn’t realistic or proportionate to the sizes of both humans and aliens that would provide balanced gameplay.

I suggest we show some of the lesser played defaults some love and replace ‘fortification’ with ‘nexus6’.

Nexus6 is essentially Niveus with more intricacy and depth, it has multiple spots to build viable bases and the time it takes to run from base to base isn’t awful.

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Is this you saying that nexus is better than niveus?

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