Current Map Rotation For GrangerPub US East


I haven’t played the map (or Tremulous in general) since the BP was reduced, but I see absolutely no reason why it could not be just 100 BP. If it’s a map in rotation 2, with some already insanely good base locations, 140 BP is definitely still too much for a map that is in rotation 2.

My opinion in this situation is irrelevant, since I am not one of the 15 people who still plays Tremulous.

No, it promotes making even harder to kill bases with the 140 BP. Extra BP will never be enough to encourage building forward bases. GPP did a great job of promoting small forwards with the change to Repeaters, but in 1.1, increasing the BP just makes bases stronger and harder to kill.


For Fortification specifically (not necessarily for many/most/all of the other maps) 140 bp (in 1.1 vanilla) doesn’t seem to make the main bases significantly harder to kill for either team, compared to 100 bp on other maps such as atcs. If anything it feels like even with the 140 bp on Fortification, the human base at least is easier to kill than 100 bp on atcs (in 1.1 vanilla). I do see forwards being made on fortification more often on other maps, but still with the nature of 1.1 vanilla it is true that building is usually concentrated in single main bases.

But the previous bp level of Fortification (I think it was 250 or 200?) was definitely way too high for 1.1 vanilla.

You should try a bunch of matches on the latest Fortification.

GPP vanilla almost had something right with that, but it was flawed when you could fit multiple repeater build zones in mid to large sized rooms, and be restricted in adjacent areas when the repeater buildzones passed through walls. So many times you would still get areas with “too many” buildables, and other areas with “too few”.





sry but u should just stop trying :confused:

p.s. pls reduce build points on fortification even moar



mehh it’s okay i’ll cut you some slack since you’re a beginner



wow it’s like being back in 2008


Just wondering if we could get niveus, karith, and possibly arachnid added to rotation. All three are classics and voted many times (niveus being the most popular of the 3).

Side request: kill fortification with fire, radiation and the plague. Whichever rids fortification the longest ^^


The rotation has been updated (refer to the original post in this topic). Fortification will be occurring less frequently. Karith, arachnid2_mjed, and nexus6 will show up a bit more frequently in the rotation than before. I’ve also adjusted the rotation to have a bit more variety. The rotation may need some further adjustments, but lets see how this goes for the next week or so.