[DENIED] LUCA-86-ITA Admin Application


• Who are you known as in-game, and what is your registered name on the server:

• What is your timezone/What time do you play tremulous and how often:
UTC (+1)

• Why do you want admin on GrangerPub:
because the admin is always absent

• What is your past admining experience:
Gamezoo (max level)
into the wild ( max level)
Tremspain (max level)
old Gamezoo (level 4 or 5 )
Triplex server (level 3 or 4)
Prolinux ( level 3 or 4)
other not remembe server name I have good level

• What do you think are the most important qualities as an admin:
Let the people play a normal game without being insulted/pissed off. I think that who play games is for taking some relax moments.
So an admin is someone that supervise the situation. RELAX aaaaaah!


• What level are you applying for: level 5 it’s ok !!

• Is any level 6+ admin willing to vouch for you (Can be left blank):
all people I hope the admins that know me already :slight_smile:


Good luck with your app, Luca!! :slight_smile:


Good luck.


Best luck for you. :wink:


Poll up.


HI LUCA i am vouching for you


Liar, you f2’ed him


Good luck @LUCA86ITA :smiley: !


@LUCA86ITA good luck :slight_smile:


i’ll vouch for level 1


Hey @LUCA86ITA sicuramente non sarà possibile darti il livello che hai chiesto (sono livelli troppo alti per qualcuno che è entrato da poco in questa community), ma vediamo se riusciamo a darti un livello consono alle tue richieste.

Ti consiglio vivamente di consultare questo link, dove sono presenti tutte le regole del server: GrangerPub server rules, features, and admin list

e magari di integrare qualcosina di più nella tua applicazione seguendo questo format:

In ogni caso, buona fortuna! :slight_smile:


Insults and “being pissed off” are not against the rules unless the speech breaks rule 4 (“No persistently tormenting/pestering/persecuting nor targeting any individual(s) with attacks that could cause harm, induce excessive emotional stress, and/or traumatize.”).

Why do you think you deserve and are trustworthy enough for level 7 or 8? You aren’t even on as much as other recent applicants who also had better applications and yet who received lower levels. As MaeJong wrote in the admin application format thread:

I know Sparky told you to read about the application process before applying, but clearly you skipped a few parts:

Without a single voucher, it is highly unlikely you will even get L3, let alone L7 or L8.

** Disclaimer: I am not an admin. **


Wrong, vouching only ensures you get backing from an admin with a rather high position, and it especially applies to giving out higher levels from the start, as seen with Evoker and Hero if I am not mistaken. Not having a voucher doesn’t mean your application is going to fail, but lying about vouchers or trying to be a ph4ggot about it isn’t tolerated (and usually tells a lot about the applicants).

The first problem that comes up with your (@LUCA86ITA’s) application is that it clearly shows you didn’t read the rules. The second one is that it looks like you’re counting solely on your past levels over everything else, which is only a fraction of what we are looking at when voting on an application.


If you want a perfect example where vouching wasn’t especially necessary, refer to Evoker’s application again as it has more than everything the readers would ever expect or want from an application. Rhez’s was also excellent, and way shorter. (Although I assume they were (or should be) hidden? (for good reasons), Menace surely still remembers them well.)


Just saying he sometimes he doesnt understand simple english. How you are expecting from him to read the admin guidlines? Other hand he came back some days ago maybe a week ago. He was inactive for months, I think it shouldnt be wroking like this. You appear and ask for admin because you were high level admin on old servers. Things arent working like that.

Anyway I was high level admin on Gamezoo (not like this really matter) and he demoted me because he couldnt understand what Im saying and he deceided to do so. Even tho I didnt do anything bad and made a reasonable kick because a player was deconing and eventually turned out it was his friend :smiley:


ok… where I can see my vote?


• What level are you applying for: level 5 it’s ok !!

ps for Rinspeed : you are a fake


Was really luca inactive for months? Are you absolutely sure? He went to to USA for a month some weeks ago, but I don´t remember any other inactivity from him in the last years…

And about abuse, I would say when luca uses !kick or !ban is definetely vs any troller or person that really deserves that after several warns.


LOL I hope you are joking :smiley:

You just said he was inactive so means I was right. Wtf?

What? In my case I was an admin not a troll. Other hand we are talking about grangerpub admin where you cant ban or kick anyone just because of trolling or trash talking. Thats why others said read the rules first. His admin app was about

Well this is not that server where you can deceide that and just do it. It has phases. Look at desala he is always back trash talking. The usual procedure agaisnt him if he is not deconing, you have to use /ignore thats all.

The right thing would be if he said as reasons to get admin because of deconers, base nades, teamkilling, bleeding and well tormenting.

You cant see. Admins will deceide.

Uhm wut? Can you explain it? I dont get that part.

(PS.: Btw you are always online together so why does he need admin? :smiley: you are admin :smiley: )


You said he was inactive, as if he were usually inactive and was relevant to become admin, right? I answered “no” and added --> I only remember the inactivity I wrote about, proving he is usually an active player.

And, dunno if i explained badly or understood in a bad way (my English happens), but I didn’t call you troller or similar. Just wanted to show people luca only uses that kind of commands when its clearly justify.


My application was nothing special, any person can do it. Hero’s application is on par of mine as well.

The difference is that most applicants don’t take the time to go over even the basics. One reason Rhez’s application is impressive is that he makes it look sharp, clean, and caring of detail even without a long pedigree of admin experience. It shows at the very least, a willingness to work for it.


You can’t. That’s for current admins only(for the sake of anonymity)

What time frame do you play tremulous? (in your Time-zone, I’ll figure out what that translates to mine)