[DENIED] LUCA-86-ITA Admin Application


ok what level addiding in my poll?

in the morning or afternoon or evening and depends when I go to play. I see there are no admins by accident


All admins are encouraged to vote and voice their opinions about your application(thought I think Level 9’s/10’s have the final vote)


Weird, that’s exactly how I got admin here.[quote=“Rekove, post:19, topic:2594”]
Hero’s application is on par of mine as well.
Lit[quote=“Menace13, post:12, topic:2594”]
Without a single voucher, it is highly unlikely you will even get L3, let alone L7 or L8.
Wouh chill out br0[quote=“Blizz, post:11, topic:2594”]
In ogni caso, buona fortuna!
Absolutely.[quote=“DarkMicrobe, post:10, topic:2594, full:true”]
i’ll vouch for level 1
K.[quote=“faceman, post:6, topic:2594, full:true”]
HI LUCA i am vouching for you
Face app for admin already. We need you and your positivity. @ghub positivity is a word, don’t try to convince me it’s a typo.[quote=“LUCA86ITA, post:1, topic:2594”]
Gamezoo (max level)into the wild ( max level)Tremspain (max level)old Gamezoo (level 4 or 5 )Triplex server (level 3 or 4)Prolinux ( level 3 or 4)other not remembe server name I have good level
I like that you have experience. One thing I want you to note is that we run things a little differently here. Take a look at the server rules and tell me what you think about Rule #8.[quote=“LUCA86ITA, post:1, topic:2594”]
What level are you applying for: level 5 it’s ok !!
Would you have any issue starting as an L3 and working your way up? I’d like to see you in action before endowing you with more responsibility.


Buona Fortuna @LUCA86ITA !!!

Good Luck @LUCA86ITA !!!

I know him from a lot of years and I was High Level Admin with him in Italian servers. I can say he is a “no-abuse” admin.

Anyway @Rinspeed, it’s true he doesnt understand/talk good English but he can always learn/interpretate it :slight_smile:

P.S. My little princess Irene was born 8th of September :slight_smile:

Have Fun !!!


Aw congratulations buddy !
Will you marry me now ?


I vouch for you @faceman :slight_smile:
I also vouch for you @LUCA86ITA good luck :smiley:


Yah, congratulations mate!!! Rly happy to read that :slight_smile:


Congrats :slight_smile:


Congratualtions Ghostis!! :smiley:


Sorry for the late delay, but this has been denied.