[DENIED]Ninjas Application


Mind explaining how? Many personal things have happen in my life, causing me to step up and do a lot more things that I couldn't of done a year ago.


Out of all responses made to redeem yourself of your current status, and you choose the most bland one. Now I went ahead and researched a bit on posts that were similar to yours, and I found one.

Taken from the thread "Admin Report : Elite"

And what happened next? Elite ends up being booted from EBSF. If you refer "personal things" as problems with EBSF and the downfall of it, then I truly believe you are not suitable for admin. Being older doesn't mean you will magically become self-aware of your actions and cease them immediately. It seems that during this past year, the events that have happened in your life have caused you take take a step down in maturity. I would suggest not being a moron and then maybe you can reapply :slight_smile:.


^ You're also doing it WRONG.



Tremulous or any video game for that mater has anything to do with my personal life, and I don't understand how you could think tremulous is my personal life. My app is nothing like Elites, I'm not saying I will get more mature from these events, Im saying I have gotten more mature from these events.

I honestly doubt that these events deceased my maturity. I haven't done anything malicious or harmful in the recent weeks that I have been on, so what events are you even referring to?


Read the damn thread. You are literally being accused of threatening to release photos of Fk members and yet you still deny that you have done anything bad. The fact that Punky even stated that you barely getting on during weeks makes me think you aren't taking this very seriously.


Regarding the "argument" of who started "it" first. We do have the following in the rules:

So yeah, for future reference, if someone is violating rules against you, violation rules yourself is not the way to go.



Enough mature to make a tantrum agaisnt the opposite team during a scrim instead of ignoring mockery. Or arguing/fighting/attacking your own clanmates making them to leave. Woah you're a role model bro.


No, you read the thread. That happened over a year ago, and I never denied doing anything wrong. Punky is saying a bunch of wreckless bullshit simply because his app failed and he wants mines to faikl aswelll.

Show screenshots. Owait, you don't have any because it didn't happen. I'm done with your foolery punky. You left EBSF because you weren't getting what you wanted. As I said before, make a thread about it.




This thread is fun.


I guess.


This is gonna be my last answer to your pointless self defense with 0 valid arguments.

Wrong, as i said before. Punky is telling the truth and only the truth, because its the truth and ninja is lying. Im not trying to make your app fail i dont have nothing important agaisnt you; or are you denying you never make trouble fighting people or you didnt revealed My/Hero personal info?, because thats what i said only.

Yeah thats true i dont have any, but:
You made pedro rage quit on a scrim because of your argue agaisnt spamo's mockery, he called that "such childish". Also you argued many times with Fk for pointless shit and an example is the report you made agaisnt hero. Lol.
You argued with pedro and i (and other ex-ebsf member who are agree you were useless) during scrims because of your own errors, you're not always right, there's some people with more experience.
I left EBSF because you ruined it with the examples given and pedro offered me a better option, also this has nothing to do with what we are talking about here.

The only thing i want joining a clan its to get friendship with my clanmates and get along so we can play togheter and work as a team to win scrims, which it wasn't possible because only sonic and i were active. When you "came back" (btw playing 3 hours per week isnt what you wrote on your app) the problems started, just drama. And your only argument is "you lost your scrim leadership because of your behavior", i lost it because of trying to convince you to do not act like a kid (ignoring every bullshit the opposite team says) and follow the team geting along. which it wasnt possible, so i tried to cut you off the scrim team, which it wasnt possible again. You insisted on going in your own way and telling all you are the best, you know what to do. Then you lost your leadership in 1 day, faster than i rofl.


OMG! Been 55 posted!

Wish you best luck @Ninja! :smiley: :thumbsup:


How ironic.

His 'little brother' is on his account again. Oh man.

Then make a separate

Do you know how to read?

Another lie.

English please.


Why am I being put into this??


If you didn't know what I was talking about @burrito this is what I was talking about


^ This is what burrito did WRONG.


Shut up scummer


The app have failed. Please remember to wait the required amount of time to reapply. Thanks