[DENIED] YellowLightning' s 2nd application for level 4/5


[quote=“YellowMellow, post:3, topic:2174”]
i am not StaXx*, i know him, he is my neighboor

I don’t see why it would fail. You’re easily the best poster on this forum, and unlike a lot of our current admins you have experience. I’d even go so far as to vouch for you.


lol if we added up the time he spent banned there it’d probably equal L-4


I’m F2’ing @YellowMellow just like last time, i see no improvement in personality and a lot of iffy things like not asking people to vouch before the app (you made this mistake twice, i assume you’d have gone over ckit’s “how to app for admin” again after your first app failed?) A guide to admin applications (new applicants read here)
Copying your entire last app doesn’t sound right to me, if you thought all your answers to the questions were perfect then how come it failed?
I’d try to show the server and its admins that you’re capable of behaving and not causing problems before applying for admin, it would improve your chances of joining the admin team a lot.

@Hero Admin vouches for evading clan member? This reeks of PMW

@Menace13 i like how you bring up solid points but then i see [quote=“Menace13, post:20, topic:2443”]
the desire to make the server a better place.
We require more basenades


is joke k plz no serius /s /j


I’ ve never been banned from AA

@DarkMicrobe I have carefully read the Ckit tutorial when i realized this application, and you 're right I was wrong to appoint many admins without asking them first ; But i recognized that bad decision at least 3 times and said i was sorry and take it as a learning for the Future . The answers seem correct (not very large, nor very vague) since answered according to the rules of Granger Hub after having read them. That is the reason why i only changed small things. as @romdos said i failed because i was not prepared and they didn’t knew me enough.


sure, try again in the future, f2 from me


i’ll certainly not vouch for L5 because it’s a lot too much for someone that never had admin on this server but i’ll for L4 maybe if we give you 1 week at L3 … I think now you’re enough mature but i think that you shouldn’t play with fire IF you get admins and stay right because all admin team will be watching on you for your past


LOL IKR @Rekove


Yellow I think you need to put more effort into it for level 4 or 5 why don’t you start out with L3 @YellowMellow


Denied. Please wait 3 weeks before reapplying, if you have any questions please feel free to PM me.