[DENIED] YellowLightning' s Application for Level 4/5


I think that’s a good idea, to proove that im not fucking bloody StaXx*. Although i have no a reason to do it.


I can not even understand why you are so obsessed with that.


Love this idea


Good Luck to you YellowLightning - GREASE LIGHTNING


Yellow I just want to say goodluck but like how much from how I know you I would think 5 is too high If I was a admin I would say 3 or 4 but I’m not a admin so I mean like all I can say is Goodluck bro :stuck_out_tongue: also all this bullshit about @YellowMellow aka YellowLightning, yellow isn’t staxx so I mean could you guys back off by saying he is?


Hey YellowLightning, don’t take it bad, I said that I played with you in a scrim once and I don’t know you as well as too vouch for you just yet, since @ninja was the one who recruited you me and sparky were a little confused on what your background is, and since the regular process of new members wasn’t done in the way it should be me, me and other member have some doubts.


No i wont take it bad, i just thought you know me because ninja told you and sparky. Helper bot, ninja, elite, princess luna, mosin nagant, merry christmas; they acepted me… anyways you are right, you should take a little more of time to know me…
Thank you @Elite for support! :neutral_face:


Yes @YellowMellow is a known hat member he just isn’t like very known like me I’m the best ofc :slight_smile: Jk xD but na, actually I recruited yellow and I was in a call with ninja so I told ninja and ninja said sure he can join but I’m mean like @YellowMellow he’s deserve level 3 tbh :slight_smile:


I do not think it’s a question of deserving or not, is to be useful as a pretty active player, but thank you very much for your support elite, i appreciate really much :joy:!.


Why so offensive? :yum:


oh no, I’m just a huge fan of grease lol and Grease Lightning came up


Oh, i apologize, Thank you very much then sonic!. :grin:


Application denied for now. Please wait a month before reapplying.



Denied because not enough admins know you, and feel you aren’t ready yet. Hang around, get to know our rules and admins a bit, and reapply in a month.