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Der Bunker
Address: (DigitalOcean NYC 2)

Server empty?

high-speed my ass i can't even get stable 98 ping


and then if i switch my snaps to like 40 i get 75 PING!!!!!


just kidding its gud server but THESE THINGS STILL HAPPEN REGARDLESS


Good luck with your server!


Server is nice. But now its starting to feel all buggy. Hoepfully it will go back to feeling like AA again.


Der Bunker all night long after Enne goes to bed:


1 articulated lorry under the OP = 1 lag-free day on Der Bunker


3 lag free days days for Der Bunker so far, hurry up people, get your articulated lorries up there!


Der Bunker "High Speed"


Are you missing textures in your menus @burrito ?


Enable WWW downloads and/or fix your connection. The web server has 100Mb/s of bandwidth.


Isn't possible that server bandwidth is depend for storage speed or just connection speed?


Yes, although I'm fine with it.

I don't see how I would have to enable it, unless the server disables it for me. Right after that, I tried paint7 and still got a crappy download speed.


@enneract , among many other things for the tremded, GrangerHub's Tremulous repo on ( ) includes a fix for game server downloads that allows for potentially up to 500 KB/s download rate (but that can be set lower). The reason this feature is useful is that many current players still play on the vanilla 1.1 stock client from which does not allow for any web server downloads. That tremded feature (along with many many other features/improvements/fixes) is included in the tremded binary that is packaged with GrangerHub's Tremulous releases ( ).

Regarding the missing textures in the ui, @enneract , are you including this .pk3 for the ui assets (or something similar): ?


That's not a very obvious fix, given I get 20kbps downloads regardless of in-game, or browser http downloads from the GHub repo since about 4 or 5 months now.


Hi, since the original topic was closed, I hope you don't mind I will reply to you here.
Below you can find a comment by one of the abused players (from the zittrig forum:
"You can see it on screenshot as a proof:
But screenshot is not only proof, you can see on it, there was spectation player [NoS]Tomahawk, maybe he will help/support us, I don't know."



You forgot to mention your massive PM flooding (full log in the thread you linked):

Mar 13 10:00:09 zittrig-nyc tremded-gdb@trench[20358]: privmsg: Oskar: du
Mar 13 10:00:09 zittrig-nyc tremded-gdb@trench[20358]: privmsg: Oskar: du
Mar 13 10:00:08 zittrig-nyc tremded-gdb@trench[20358]: privmsg: Oskar: du
Mar 13 10:00:08 zittrig-nyc tremded-gdb@trench[20358]: privmsg: Oskar: du

You're not fooling anyone, stop wasting your and my time.


Just for testing purposes, I downloaded a map called gomeisa from xserverx base site... roughly about 9.6 megabites. Took about 2 seconds. I went to your maps site on , and downloaded a map that was about 9.8 megabites. Took 10 minutes.........what the fuck?????

This is definitely not an issue with my internet.


Some players (me included) got some problems with

As for me, I get bad ping (from 120 to 230), and normally is 140-150.

As for Italians players, me, Ghostislol and Sterminator have bad ping, while Hard4ever and Javateciava got any problem.

As I can see, some players like Spamo, Ckit, and some other EU player got ping problems.

Zittrig is located in NY, like GrangerHub, but on Ghub my ping is a "stable" 105-115 plus every player that I've mentioned before get a good ping.

Zittrig has some problems for sure, but high admins will say (like they already said) ..."it's your net our server is perfect..."


Dunno what your issue is. Thats weird. Maps always download fast for me. 5 seconds or less.


You should note that while Der Bunker's game servers are in the US, the web server is in the EU.