Der Bunker (


The server is great when its not lagging. Tends to be wishy washy as fuck sometimes. Like out of no where it likes to give everyone major packetloss and ping jumps up and down. Considering that some of you dipshit devs tend to be so god damn stubborn and tells everyone that their internet is shitty. Obviously we didn't have that problem before the server came along or we wouldn't be making such a big deal out of it.


The fact is that everyone here think (or want to) every trem player know how to fix network problems. There isn't the idea "I give the final product so everyone can easly use it".

If I (and like me, others) get back from school\work\etc. I don't want to waste my time on networks problems, I want to play.

If I can't play trem, I play another game (or maybe, in some month, Murnatan).


...and you think that I should know how to fix your network problems. I'm not omniscient either. It's especially frustrating when it's just an insignificant minority complaining. It's obviously a fuck-up on your or your ISP's end and the server host can do nothing about it.

I generally try to help people with networking issues, but I can't do shit if all the feedback is just angry rants with zero useful information I could work with. At the very least stop blocking pings so I can figure out what's causing the lags.


Since I'm not the only one that has this trouble, I doubt. Even because is the first time that happens something like this.

I told you about my problem 2 weeks ago more or less, and your answer was "it's an italian problem". Nice help. And, not true. Now I can be angry as much I want since actually you said to me nothing about "eh, it's because italian internet pass from Tokyo".

I would like to get some help, but you want to give it?

I had some problem on GHub too, but cron and sparkly didn't do like you did. And they resolved it.

But actually I care not so much. From 100 players that there are here, you will get 10%-15% less.

As I repeat, there are many games other trem.


If you care then ping and and post the results here.

(Run cmd.exe, type in ping -t address, wait a few minutes, press Ctrl+C, take a screenshot with the last few lines visible.)



Der Bunker

I guess you can say Der Bunker has been DEBUNKED hehe no? ok.


Now do the same but with tracert address.



GrangerHub 2nd attempt:

Der Bunker:

Der Bunker 2nd attempt:


U're doing it wrong, full info negro


It's useless without the hostnames. You can redact the first one (your nearest router, probably the one in your house) so Desala won't find you, but you have to keep the rest on your screenshots.


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On a serious note, to anyone who's having problems with Der Bunker: you can help us find a better host by testing the candidates we've selected. We're most interested in ping tests from Italy and South America.


This is laughable. Since the player base is closer to 100-200. so yeah... 2.5-5% of players are having problems


[Bunker Trench server]

I wonder what is more laughable: your statements or MaeJongs posts.


That's server playercount as time passes, and isn't representative of unique players count.

Your graph literally says 24d ago, the server had 30 people on for a given duration.

Learn to read a graph before attempting to troll with one.


According to Gametracker, this is true: Average (past month): 11
But even if there are 30 ppl there, 5 is not a minority u should ignore. (and don't forget all those idler fake players with over 10h staytime, doing nothing, hardcore fans? please)


Which they aren't ignoring unlike you ignoring their statements and spitting your shit at them.

Yes, it is true the average server population is 11 at a given time; it's still failing to indicate the number of total active unique players.


Think again.


About what? I'm still waiting for an argument that has actual weight.


As a side note: we were talking about bunker and not about tremulous in general.