Der Bunker (


Ind33d. Let's refocus.


my point i was making above entirely. the active unique players range around 100-200. thank you explaining this before i saw there were new replies.


The point was: there are latency and even lag spike problems with bunker AND on the other hand a questionable facistic behavior. The first problem was handle as if 'only few had a problem so we dont care' and the other one was : 'these are all lies, stfu u haters'. Nice way to improve :confused:

Since my account is on hold (censored by bunker traitors) i post here:

Actually not. I said their server has high latency = they say: its not and even IF then its only FEW players so it doesn't matter. Me: showing proof that it isnt just 'a few'.
So if you can't follow before, now you can.

This wasn't my point but sparkys.

Yes that was another point besides latency.

This is related to bunkers argument: only few players have a latency problem.
Its also funny that bunker thinks that they are now the whole trem community. My argument about the actual player amount was only connected to the bunker server. But they distracted this fact to a forum community and tremulous as a whole.

So when you talk about 'jumping all over the place' its the bunker guys, jumping around, distracting and flooding posts, trying to get away with their shit. But i understand that you protect your new masters since your adminship (lvl 5 on bunker). So i didn't expect any honesty
from you but propaganda.


Way to change the topic again like you have done through out the whole topic. you have a nack for going off-topic. you seem to be jumping all over the fucking place with what you want to troll about. Latency issues, nazi chic, racism, fascism, the playerbase. bravo...


@everyone please keep the discussion here on-topic to Der Bunker as a game server (because this is the 'Servers' category). Posts about Bunker's administration or for their website or furh ihr neu-edgy1 neo-"nazi chic" are off-topic und muss halten2.

1 „NICHT!"



But then again, how well does a government without propaganda perform in contrast to one with propaganda?

Even GrangerHub has propaganda.

Fallacies and falafel, it is very simple maths that even an 8 years old can do:

If everyone is playing on A, and A is part of B, then B.playercount == A.playercount

Therefore, no you troll, Bunker isn't Tremulous BUTT if the playercount (nearly-all-time) past weeks is the same as Tremulous' (nearly-all-time) past weeks, then it's safe to assume that yes, everyone is playing there, and yes, no fucking shit sherlock, there's more than 25 unique active players.

And also as a side note: I was the one who brought these counter arguments, and I'm not part of the Bunker, so your argument doesn't even stand on one leg, but rather was in lateral security position before anyone even bothered to answer.

The first problem was handled as a forum post asking for people to test new potential hosts to which you didn't contribute; the second was us asking you to post evidence of a racist/fascist movement and/or actions on Bunker, which you have failed to deliver.

But, since you're not actually reading anything and are just really focusing on trolling, that doesn't really surprise me.

I'm accusing you of the following:


And using a sockpuppet account to perform all of the above.

And also here's a fucking guide on how to back up arguments, because you haven't done that a single time.


What is there to improve? The shitty routing problem is being dealt with and if the Nazi jokes scare away people like you then it's feature, not a bug.


You're welcome to post your complaints on our forum. I'm not a moderator here and I can't ensure freedom of speech in this thread.




I don't understand the problem..
I mean: players can chose where (and if) they want to play.

Der Bunker right now get players because there is always someone of admin team online.

The same thing could be done by GHub team.
Ghub is working on 1.3, not caring about the "present": infact I see often Ghub team on Test Server.

This is just a normal competition: if Ghub don't do something (something better of what they are giving right now), they will "lose the monopoly".

For what concern the ping problem, this could be used by Ghub to get again those ppl that right now can't play on Der Bunker.

Ghub can't think their server will be full only with dreams and hopes.

Anythin else is mere verbiage.


First time I ever get sub-100 on a NYC server on Tremulous. Game over.


We mostly go onto Test7341 for dev games.

What more should we do, other than playing a bit more often on GrangerPub and Club, which I see Sparky trying (seen him on a few times in awhile.) We are developing a new and great future for Tremulous and the GrangerHub servers are open for anyone to play on.


I will post my 228 ping when I get time to waste lmao


Ok, thats all fine and great but what does that have to do with "Der Bunker (" ?


I know it might sound frustrating when I say the problem isn't on our side, but it really isn't. That being said, it is likely it isn't on yours either. The way it works is roughly the following:

Each ISP has different connectivity to different parts of the world, depending on their contracts with other service providers.
When you send a packet, it doesn't travel in one long cable to the server directly. It usually first goes through one of your ISP's local routers, which then redirects you towards other routers, that may belong to your ISP or to another service provider they are affiliated with. When your packet reaches a router that is faulty, it gets redirected towards another functional one. That other functional router may be located further away than the regular route, enduring various technical problems or network attacks, or just suffer from congestion (too much traffic).

The thing is, the further the server you try to reach, the more routers you'll have to go through. People living in the US will have a very straightforward and short route to the server, which explains why we pretty much don't get complaints from people living there. When you live in Europe though, the problem may be that the ISP neglects actual connectivity to a location so far away, not to mention how many routers your packet has to travel through to actually reach the server.

It doesn't stop there. Once your packet has reached the server, the latter will send an answer back to you. It has to go through an equivalently long path, and probably an equivalent number of routers. Those routers will also differ from the ones you've used to send your packet to begin with, resulting in even greater chances of fuck ups.

So, technically, there isn't anything we can do but get another host for the server and hope it doesn't fuck up. Of course, you'll probably understand that since you usually pay for those services atleast monthly, changing it every day would result in a massive amount of cash and time (setting up the server everytime) wasted, which is the reason why we've set up a thread to ask people to ping those servers before actually testing them.

We apologize for the inconvenience to the few people that do get those problems, but really as I've already mentioned, it really isn't our fault.

One possible fix you may attempt that doesn't require much effort is plugging your connection off and back on (make sure it's the actual connection cable, and not power if you don't want to run into issues, although it would probably work as well in most cases).

Your ISP will likely hook you up to a different (and probably less busy) local router which may result in slight changes in the actual routing to the game server. I would advise you to not hope too much out of that though.
You can try doing that 4 or 5 times and test each time how it does for future needs, if you want to make sure there is a chance it works. That would take approximately 10 minutes at most.
For a single replug, it usually takes about 30 seconds.


Long as fuck because of the detailed explanation despite how simplified it is. U couldn't have made a better post about it imo.

People concerned by those lag issues should take the time to read it. It's worth the time investment as it actually is general networking knowledge, that applies to everything on the interwebz.


I understood it since you actually said that you (probably) will change the host.

I did my own "crusade" because, before this, you (Der Bunker team) said that was a problem of my ISP, while actually is something that can't be fixed.

My prev post wasn't against you or Ghub, was simply a description of a fact.

The "228 ping" post was just a jokingly answer to MaeJong.

I don't care about the fight between Ghub and Der Bunker.

Anyway, I don't hide that I would like to play this game much more that I do right now.
If I can't on Der Bunker, I could on Ghub.
Again, don't take this as an outrage, I'm just saying a fact.
If in the future I will be able to play on Der Bunker, I will do it without any problem.


You make some good points there @Blizz . I do believe that it would be highly likely if we had one or two admins sitting in GrangerPub most of the time ready to play whenever anyone showed up, GrangerPub would probably be repopulated in about a week. A couple of times I did sit on there for a few hours and started playing (on atcs mostly, bleh) as soon as someone joined and the server did start to get decent sized games going over those periods.

However, that wouldn't address a fundamental problems GrangerPub has had from the beginning, most of which are related to the fact that it uses a multiprotocolized version of a crappy 1.1 QVM that has a huge amount of technical problems that leads to and amplifies a lot of admin problems.

Little known fact, at the time players were moving to Der Bunker, GrangerPub had a bit over 50 admins, with about 2/3 of them active, and still so many problems occurred. That is just a ridiculous requirement for a game server to be active about 24/7. Thinking in terms broader than just GrangerPub, new game server owners don't stand much chance in first sustaining activity, and secondly doing so without a ton of headaches.

Der Bunker might be using a modified multiprotocol slacker's QVM or they may have multiprotocolized some other 1.1 QVM and may be making modifications to that. Regardless, the same fundamental problems exist in whatever they are using now, and I don't think that a ton of patches on top of that QVM are going to fix any of those fundamental problems for them.

"Band-aid solutions" will no longer suffice, long term solutions are needed. So we are focusing on finishing 1.3 which would allow us to upgrade GrangerPub with a proper QVM (that would still have 1.1 vanilla game play). (Not to mention other server owners would have a chance to have populated servers with far less headaches). Really I don't mind another server having the bulk of the population most of the time while we are working on the long term solutions.


@Blizz The only thing that's stopping us from changing the host is the lack of feedback from South American players. I have no way of knowing if they'll have acceptable pings on a Canadian server.

We're using an even shittier QVM and we're doing just fine (and so did many other servers in the past). I don't think your admin problems have anything to do with the software but rather with the following:

  • Indecisiveness. You just wouldn't deal with persistent trolls like Desala. You don't even realize how frustrating it was to the players to see Desala evade and decon over and over again.
  • Internal conflicts. I don't know how you did it but you managed to alienate the vast majority of your administration. Don't tell me they are the problem since there are no such problems on Der Bunker.

These are simple conclusions I've made based on my limited knowledge of GH's internal politics. I'm sure you'll get a much more elaborate answer if you ask one of your (former) admins.


You don't have to believe me, reality will set in sooner or later.