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some of my reports got closed before any admin posted final information on what was done on the matters (eg. desala BANNED ?)

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I think @Ckit provided reasons for some reports being taken down.

@HelpingRobot Reasons were dispensed, but I believe the “final information” @DevHC seeks is if any administrative actions (ex. bans) took place. Correct me if I am wrong.

For multiple reports yes, @Ckit handled a good amount, and I handled a good amount too. Also administrative action was administerd for the reports I handled. The GrangerHub system closed some reports, after they were finished, and “closed in 7 days”.


update each report by posting exactly what action has been done. for example, has desala been banned for a few more centuries ? (no, do not respond in this thread.)

Actions have been taken against Desala. Banning someone for centuries does not reform their behaviour, they just quit.

Yeah, I went on a subnetting spree against Desala and made a ban-on-sight policy before taking my break, not sure how well it worked but I don’t see him around lately so I’m assuming it had its effect.

Or they try evading more.

Or he is doing a good job at hiding, but if he is not wreaking havoc while hiding, that is an improvement.

I’ve replied to some of your reports after saying that I’ll handle it with:
An kick will be issued,
A ban will be issued,
A warn will be issued. ETC if I miss any i’ll be sure to fix them.


I was banned from aussie assault for 11.5 years in ~2009 for something my brother did. I’m still here today

Really? Why the host made insane? :confused:

What happened:

  1. My brother deconned the RC at the advanced dragoon wave on the ambush server like 5 times under my name
  2. He used nullify under my name
  3. He used to troll around by he’d rename himself to someone’s name with very similar characters (like l being similar to I) and then call a kick vote to kick the other guy for name stealing
  4. I evaded the ban twice and my brother evaded once under my name

You should tell your brother not to exploit your name to troll something or not to lend who misunderstanding server rules to play it. That’s why I’m worrying about your brother.

Btw, you should tell the host with chat to explain about not your fault as been nullified/exploited, also you can said other reason as far as you can.

You can try your best as I suggest it. This is a key. :wink:

Doesn’t matter anymore, that’s all in the past. I’m not longer banned from aussie assault, and my brother doesn’t play trem anymore

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