This page was removed for being out-dated and to provide a better base for a future thread.

Dwarfs is not dead. It shall return, but in a new thread where some of the trolling posts will be absent of.

Please do note that the clan might be changing name. I am currently working on some name iterations.


Fanciest clan thread I've ever seen. I also love the ranking system, hopefully it doesn't become a source of clan drama in the future. :wink:



Thank you ^^, Yea I've took almost 30 mins to make this thread.
I hope it won't become drama either ^^

I just made this thread because I've had this clan for so long. My friends ain't there anymore to play with me, but I decided to make the thread even if it didn't have the 3 members (excluding the leader) being active and written in.

This is mostly a thread for Recruiting and A main thread for the clan also ^^

Anyway, thanks again for the lil' feedback <3 .


Great clan thread ever! :thumbsup: :slight_smile:


very nice clan tread man. Good luck.


Nice thread but you do not respect this:

from at least 3 more clan mates with registered accounts on the forums, each with a minimum trust level of 1 (must not be dummy accounts)

Stupid rule, I know -_-


That rule regarding a minimum number of clan member is for registering a clan, not for clans recruiting members (which can be done without registration).


Thanks for pointing it out ^^

Also thanks for the comments guys ^^


Anyway, as you might have all guessed... (Just want to point it out, just incase ^^)

The applications are now Opened !


Hey Avarthar! this is the most fascinating clan thread I've seen yet. Best of luck with everything; can't wait to see you on the battlefield


Nice thread, you guys seem serious.


Thx ^^ Sure that we are :wink:




I'm currently making a server for the training and suchs. (Hopefully it won't lag. It should go well, with a 2MB upload connection I mean ^^)

If I get some applications, (enough to get the clan going), It will be ready ^^ (We'll be able to start as soon as the clan get's registered.)


Wat wat wat wat


Ok, the server should now be working, I've started making few layouts to test new setups for the bases and suchs, but yea. That's something that will be available only to the clan members ^^


How the clan will mostly be working:

¤ The Applications:

The applications will most likely be voted up by the clan veterans and higher ranks.

¤ The Clan Wars:

To be able to participate in the clan wars you will first of need to learn few of our setups and tricks that will be developed over time.

For exemple:
A trainee won't be able to join any clan war until he learns the most used setup of the clan.
It won't take long for the trainee to do the training that will be acquiring him the necessary tricks and knowledge to do a proper clan war. (It can take One training like it can take more than Ten. It all depends on how the Trainee is willing to learn.)

¤ How is all the setups and tricks determined:

All the setups will need to meet some specific requirements before being authorized to be used in a clan war.

For exemple:
Currently I'm working on a setup. Until it has been tested and proven working at a specific percentage (Not revealed to public, because it can make a huge difference ^^), it will not be used in any clan wars.

Determining a setup is simple tho.
We will play it over and over and determine all the little mistakes and see what we can do to improve it.
If it has some potential it will be kept. Otherwise it will be rethought and remade from scratch.

We will basically seperate the setups in few categories:

  • First one, the Short-Game setups - These setups will be used to make some quick games and possibly win them as fast as possible. (Like winning under 20 minutes.)

  • Second one: the Mid-Game setups - These setups will mostly be as balanced as possible. And possibly win the game after a medium period of time. (Like winning after about 20-30 minutes.)

  • Third one: The Long-Game setups - These setups will be for the long games that might sometime require some '/extend' votes. These setups will be for possibly winning after a long period of time while still being able to survive as long as needed. (Like winning after over 30 minutes.)

  • Forth one: This is where all the setups that are unrelated to any of those category will be. Few setups sometime requires additional efforts which get them to be much harder than the Short, Mid or Long-Game setups. (Basically they are the setups that requires the most alertness from the clan members using it.)

For a setup to be accepted, it must have been tested and approved by the clan. (Or at least the veterans or most experienced ones.)

¤ How will we be communicating in-game:

For those who want and can use Discord, we will have a server online only for that. (Seperate from the GPub and any other servers.)

Anybody that not use Discord, will sadly need to use the in-game team chat.
If you got some binds, go for it. Use them as you usually do.

¤ Can we change our in-game name as we want:

As soon as we can still know who you are, go for it. We don't want to see some clan member changing name 300 times a day. If you change your in-game name, please tell your clanmates in a pm or in the Discord server. (If you're an admin under duty. The server rules applies over the clan rules. If it is required that your real in-game name remains private, go for it.)

I personally prefer not to change name too much. But this is really up to you. Just leave a notice to the clan so we don't suspect anybody from using the clan tag without the authorization.

¤ What would make me want to join the clan:

This is called a clan for formal reasons only.
We are much more like a familly than a clan. If someone is in trouble. We will try our best to help him and get rid of the problem. (Sure it depends on what happened, but you understand what I mean.)

Once you join the clan, you're automatically added to the familly.

Something that we also provide and might get you to like joining us a bit more.
We try to make some trainings to get to improve the clan members overall skills.

Even if you're the worst feeder of the game, you can still become one of the best player in few trainings. It all depends on your willing to learn from the trainings.

We certainly are not the best. But as I said. We can become better and better with each trainings we do.

As of the trainings, they will be scheduled depending on each members willing to train for those trainings.

¤ Regarding the banning/kicking:

Sadly that's a reality we can't escape.
In every familly can reside someone that only wishes to perform evil acts or break its rules.

Nobody likes to ban/kick, but when it has to happen. It happens.

How we manage the ban/kick:
Once you get kicked from the clan you can still join back after applying again and being accepted again.
However.. If you get banned, it will be impossible for you to join back without proving you can be worth a another chance.

The difference between a kick and a ban:
A kick can simply be because of breaking a minor rule. You can still join back after. It all depends on the rule that the member broke.
A ban however is a bit darker.. A ban is the result of breaking a major rule or breaking multiple minor rules.

You can be kicked twice from the clan while still being able to join back.
The third time, it's over. You will be added on the Blacklist and won't be allowed in the clan anymore. (Unless proving being worthy of another chance)

You can only be banned once. If you get banned, it's over too. You will be added on the Blacklist and won't be allowed in the clan anymore.

¤ Can we be inactive for a specific/unspecific period of time:

It is allowed to be inactive for a short period of time. However, if you have to get inactive for a longer period of time please let us know so we don't have to guess what is happening and maybe have to kick you for inactivity.

A short period of time usually varies between a day to about a week or two.

I can't thing about anything else to write here for now, so this is basically how the clan will be working, if you have any questions just make a reply and I'll make my best to answer it as good as I can ^^

Sorry for the wall of text ^^, I couldn't stop myself from writting everything there.

Also, since we don't have any other members than me right now, the new members won't be concidered as Trainee. They will be concidered as member directly and some might get higher ranks depending on their current skills and knowledge.. ^^


Sorry, I kinda feel like I wrote a bit too much there ^^'. I had to stop before filling the equivalent of 300 posts long of text :stuck_out_tongue:

Please forgive me for that ^^'


avarthar don't take this the wrong way, but i often find myself cringing harder than when watching leafy vids whenever you post these things that are probably meant to come off as serious but just fail to do so imo. Ily though #nohomo


I'll try my best next time to not post such wall ^^'.
Thx for telling me tho.