Well said. I like your motivation, and I think this clan has a lot of potential.

At least he's trying, you refuse to join a clan and drink your dads beer all day whilst watching keemster and leafy vids.


vape bleach faggot

i approach clans like i approach girls
i don't.


You should definitely apply for dwarfs


I'm 1.75 sorry

@avarthar: sorry


Eh ^^ no problem, if you someday feel like you want to join the applications are still opened ^^



I think your clan tag must put shorter, like {DWF} is better. But I'm not sure if you like it too.

Hope will understand. :wink:


Sure ^^ That's something I didn't really thought, I'll add some right now ^^ thx for telling me


I've updated the main post. Thx again @BillyRazOr2015 ^^


Good luck avarthar!


Thank you craze ^^


You're welcome and good luck @avarthar :smiley: :wink:


Why was I added her again?


I don't really know ^^ ask @hero :stuck_out_tongue: (I don't really get the names post but ok I guess ^^)


Thick ass taylor switft nigga


Oh now I get it ^^ <3


still haven't got the slightest fucking clue what's the joke but okie




This is a serious clan. Can't you tell by the elaborate post?


I already have few things ready for the clan actually ^^.
I'm also working on few layouts to test and maybe get better as needed.

Some of them has already been tested a bit, but they require more ^^. And since they are clan builds, I can't really test them in public right now ^^. (Even if they might be seen in scrims, but well, they'll have to wait until then ^^)

  1. Your in-game name: Dwanld Twump was Raped By

  2. The amount of time: you play: nearly 20hrs a day.

  3. How often do you play: About all day.

  4. Why would we take you incase of someone else: I've played for 3 yrs
    (almost 4) and I know a lot about tremulous have have some good in-game

  5. Would you be willing to do some training and attend to as much training as you can: Yes i haven't had any training before(I've learned over the course of they years I've played.

  6. Do you have Discord so we can talk outside of in-game chat if needed: I don't really know?

  7. Is there any member of the clan willing to recommend you: Avarthar

  8. Anything else you would like to add that may help your application: Nothing else to say.


Thx for applying ^^

// Approved.
I will be sending you the server password shortly for when we wanna try to figure out few things for the clan ^^.