Elite Blaster Strike Force [EBSF]


We are officially going to be reviving the Elite Blaster Strike Force so feel free to come join us in our forums or in game. The website is now open to the public, but is still under construction. Our clan applications are currently open so if u have interest please click on the link below so you can apply. We are looking for an additional 7 members. We will be getting a server as well but not till the release of 1.3.

UPDATE: We have created a mumble for any player and our members as well as for scrimmages and simply just for fun. We currently have 15 available slots for anyone to join, if clans want to use our mumble for scrimmages we dont mind creating their own channel feel free to ask. we will continue to add slots accordingly to the need. Check out our site for more updates.






Cadet members

Sonic (panasonic)




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We need more clans.

Welcome back boys.


thank you bird. And welcome aboard evoker.


great to see an old clan returning! gl man


Never given so many <3s in my entire career. Feelsgoodman.


I suggest you @ssingh9


Ssingh9 wont join a clan


Well, that is not entirely true. He joined his own clan, and named himself ssingh6.ssingh6 the other day, applications are not open and multiclanning isn't allowed.




Where do you apply?


Welcome oblivion and leinard!.
Good to have you guys back.


Get Floww and Rzeznik too and will be funny funny funny funny scrim you.


Oblivion? hell nice, i have'nt seen him in a long time dude <3


Actually i would have but lost contact with him. But bet i can get him


I had his whatsapp, but i deleted the number by mistake.


A few people and I are in a skype group with him but he almost never gets on there.


Just stick him on the roster regardless. SEEMS LEGIT.


Good Luck to you guys. Can't wait to see you on the battlefield


Thanks man.


wb applez! so weird that everyone seems to come back the closer to death this game is