[EMGFk]The European Minority Group of Fk


Tremulous clans VS. Geopolitics. Quality "Clans" discussion material. :ok_hand:

R.I.P Tremulous French bunnyhop servers.


Well I know about this and I didnt want to go so deep in it because that would be too much atm. Next discussion would be are there 6 or 7 continents? :smiley:

@Hendrich actually I like that song :smiley:


Ugh actually the kind of shit that makes me want to change nationality.


Or 5 or 4 or 3 or 2. But whatever it is, add one when/if the UK becomes its own continent sd democracy will determine. Unless the people of the UK decide via referendum that the UK is going to leave Earth, in which case that would not effect the continent count of this planet, but perhaps of another one. Btw, this could be a good backstory for Trem :wink: .


You made me laugh :smiley:

Well you know there are so bad songs what actually become kinda good.:smiley: And I have good memories connected to this song :smiley: So yeah might be crappy but still good somehow. Ofc just listening it like in every 2 months :wink: Never watched the clip tho. Kinda weird.


Tremulous 1.3 could add custom maps that allow bunny hop maybe if LUA is added soon(TM) it could be an even easier possibility we'd get our trem BHOP back and have death run's with much more :slight_smile:


I think that the top progress report for such a position should be taken seriously when pronounced among certain parts that contain different bilingual countries but such as these should be seen as holders of other cultures while at the same time defining certain aspects that pertain to society as a whole but when we look at this we see that certain associations refrain from becoming so controlling of different lessons that we could take as a whole and create a mindset of contentment and then from there create a certain mental capability that allows us as a whole to move forward and differentiate between the noble and the non-positionable console. thank you