Fk vs. EBSF #2


Niveus 4v4 3-1


(sub) Face

Round 1 (Fk)

Round 2 (EBSF)

I'm proud of my clan for playing through the lag.

Round 3 (Fk)

Bit of a mishap with Discord crashing and Cerk timing out, but we got it done. Nice flanks EBSF, Fk needs to work on watching behind.

Round 4 (Fk)

This was a simple counter strat maneuver. Dretches posted up in 4 door expecting the immediate Human base move, and then a few critical dretch duels gave us the round.

Thanks for the scrim.

You really should not be using a sub when you have clan members available.

They did it and still doin' it

Rofl, i told you that wasnt the tie breaker and still not being.


@Hero you got wooped by spamo. Shame on you


Why are you using a sub when we have members on


Good game fellas.


Ninja i suggest you to ask this things to me in game when you see me not here. Swordsman didnt want to play and dragos came at the half of the 1st round (also he has been inactive for 5 months). I repeat to Fk clan, before we started me and my clanmates said "this is not the tie breaker" and still not being the tie breaker.


ggs Fk