Granger Sound Suggestions


I think those are fine! I will come up with edited samples in a few days if thats soon enough!

Do you have a basic Idea on how I should edit those ? If you dont, i will just come up with a few ideas by myself! I can filter them, pitch them and the like...



Next few days will be soon enough :smiley:

You can use the original sounds in data-1.1.0.pk3 (which is included with the 1.1 stock client from as a reference for the length and 'feeling'.

I think after cutting to the correct length ... filter and pitch so they sound more granger/alien than pig. But I have no experience with that so I will leave it in you capable hands.

While you working on the granger taunt, I will try to find more sounds that are close to the alien sounds in the stock client. Will post them in this thread when I find them.

Thank you very much for your time ! I am looking forward to hearing the new granger sound :smiley:


Welcome to GrangerHub's forums @DerWolfsKoenig :smiley: !

Cool, that works :slight_smile: ! Depending on initial input regarding the samples, we can try them out on the test7341 server at the development games.

As a source of inspiration, I recommend listening to the original granger sounds in the original data-1.1.0.pk3 file (that is a .zip file with an extension renamed to .pk3, so it can be unzipped the same as you would with any .zip file). You can find the granger sound files in the path: /sound/player/builder/ , also you can find the organic_bounce.wav sound (used for the sound of the granger spit colliding with something) in the path: /sound/misc/ .

You don't have to match the original sounds exactly, and you can deviate from them provided you keep with the spirit of the sounds and of the granger.

Something you should keep in mind about the character of the granger, it has deadly cuteness. When many human players encounter a granger, they see a cute creature that seems defenseless, so much so they often try giving it more of a chance to survive by switching to the blaster which is generally inferior to all other human weapons weapon. However, it can be argued that the granger is actually the most dangerous of all the aliens. The granger builds alien bases/forwards, without which the entire alien team would most likely not win. Even from just building an egg, the aliens spawn from eggs, and even the most deadly combat alien would not even be in the match if the player playing that alien didn't spawn in.

I recommend reading this article:


Howdy GPF :slight_smile:

We want to avoid -NC if we can help it, the current license on assets doesn't include the non-commercial restriction, so let's not introduce it (if we can help it). Also, avoid -ND (no derivatives).


Tracks 14-19 are SFX designed for my lolards/gpp-1.1 (protrem) gameplay fusion arena mod, though there are othe rsound effects and stuff in that playlist including the old intro used for GlobalWarming's BotsCamp mod.

The blaster fire sound delay at the start can be fixed with audacity easily, the sounds were exported from an NES emulator, probably NSFPlay or directly from FamiTracker.

The blaster sounds I've used in this video can be heared here:



First of all, I am happy to be here and it is an honor for me to get a chance to contribute to this great game! A few words about myself:
I am rather a musician then a sound tweaker although both goes hand in hand sometimes. I have a small yet complete Homestudio, if that ever might be of importance and I can record and do some mixing there (although I am not an Audio Engineer). I have a quadrazilion of Effects and Instruments at my dispoal, a decent Mic and a field recorder.

OK, now about the sounds:

I have made a few sounds for the Taunting Granger. Please bear in mind these are just sketches and I need your opinion in order to make them better. The do not sound very much alike the original sounds, but I tried to make them feel in a similar way.

My Soundcloud page is not the best place for that, thus I put them in my private webspace.

Here are the links:

Plz have a look at them and give me some feedback! Tell me what sample you like/dislike most, and if you can, tell me why.



These sounds could be good, but the thing is that it pretty much sounds like the actual granger high pitched (or lower pitch in one case) with some speed modification on it ^^. (Maybe we should try making completely new sounds instead of using past sounds to make those modifications. Because even if we do modify them, we still do not own any rights on the original sound which makes it harder to use (We'd pretty much need to contact Dolby and ask him if we can use his sounds or something like if we wanna use such remix's of the granger and such ^^, but it's near impossible to find his email nowaday.)

Anyway, good work, but I'd maybe try making completely new sounds for now ^^ (Since we'd have the copyrights on those sounds, we could then use them as much as we want.)

Like if I remember well, the Goon is actually a Camel, the granger is a Cat and so on... ^^

Anyway, I'ma see about making few sounds soon, right now I'm kinda overwhelmed by projects and school :stuck_out_tongue:


OK I try to take that as a compliment as I tried to get as close ti the original feeling as i could.
But... I did not use the original sounds in any way. Those sounds are completely made from the Pig-Sound-Samples GPF provided me. I did not use the original granger sounds in any way but as reference. Still if you don't feel comfortable with this kind of sound I can design sth else.

If you want proof, I can send you the original Project files I used (needs to have reason 9 installed though)



don't worry they sound nice, but when we hear them we shouldn't feel/hear the pitch change ^^ It should sound natural.

But yea, do take that as a compliment ^^ Since they do sound great, the only problem is the pitching ^^ (We don't need to reproduce the actual granger sound, but we need to find a sound that fits the actual model ^^)

Anyway good job once again ^^


Ok illl try sth else then :slight_smile: ...
Sry for beeing Miffed...


Don't worry ^^


I know its not perfect... its just a sketch... Pos/Neg Comments are welcome!
I need to know, is this the direction I should go to? Is this closer to what you guys are looking for ?

This time no pigs involved, just a fart a cat and my voice XD...

Heres the File

This one is a bit more agressive :


Do you need a music for the menu ?
If yes, what kind of music? alien ambiant, 2005 synthe ( like the xonotic music), nerve racking music ...



Thank you very much for your hard work ! I like this one the best:
Probably cause it is closest to the original granger sound :smiley:

Found some sounds for pain and death ... these ones sound pretty cute:
I think good enough without editing ... just cut and paste and we have 4 new painsounds for the granger.

Granger death sounds ... the following sounds sound to me like something is dying:
and the 'yellow' parts of:

Granger jump ... this one might not even need editing:

Or do your magic with the first of third piece of:


KK .. no NC licences ... no worries.


@Bluefire , that is something that we are looking for too. Feel free to create a new topic for the main menu music in this category: .


@ereryone else here

Tell me frankly, honestly, do you really like GrangerTaunt_06 ?
If you do, I will gladly make more samples for other types of granger expressions. I know, i have little standing here in this community, but if you like, take my advice to allow me the creation of all Granger expressions. If the style of different expressions varies too much it will disturb the perception of the gameplay, thus I suggest to let all Granger expressions come from the same source, made with the same technique. I know I am not a real member of this community but I love Tremuolus and have nothing else on my mind then to contribute to the future of this game.

If you do, however not like the sound and have no idea how I can improve it, tell me right away and I will not try any further Granger sound design. If there were any other sounds you need to be designed and you think I am capable of it, ask me and I will be glad to help.


I'd say that is enough to make you a real member of this community :slight_smile: .

It has potential. So does the other ones actually. But really I think we should see how this feels in-game.

Go for it. I'm all for giving your sounds a try specifically for the development games this Saturday where the most people can hear the firsthand in-game in actual matches so that we can get optimal feedback from the community. If you happen to have a complete set of test granger sounds ready sooner, I would put them on the test7341 sooner.

Something else I should mention is that the sounds we test in-game should have the .wav file format.

Also regarding the pain100_1.wav sound for the granger, something like a "splat" sound would work good as you often here that when the granger lands from falling from a great distance.


Pretty much all the sounds need to be replaced. Feel free to give as many of the replacement sounds a shot as you want (ideally all of them :wink: ). The exception is the jet sounds, I think we have a pretty good replacement set for them now on test7341. But I would recommend creating a new topic in the Tremulous Assets Factory category for each "set" of sounds (i.e. the dragoon sound set, the marauder sound set, the dretch sound set, the riffle, etc..)

Some things I know about the dragoon and marauder sounds is that the dragoon used camel sounds, and the marauder used baby seal sounds. I'm not sure what was used for the other sounds.



Yes, I do !

I think you have more standing in this community than most people... unlike most of them, you are a decent player and you are willing to help with development.

You are the artist so who am I to tell you what to do ? If you like making the granger sound set, please do so in your own pace.

And release the sound set under a license that you feel comfortable with.

Would setting up a 'trac website' ( for the

be overkill or a more efficient way of keeping track of 300 different sounds ?

Yes I know and I will try to find a good replacement as soon as my headache is gone.


We could look into setting up a Tremulous assets repo under GrangerHub's account for coordinating and tracking the development of the assets.

In order for released sounds to be included in GrangerHub's Tremulous releases, they are going to have to be licensed cc-by, cc-by-sa, or public domain. And actually if a sound's source is licensed cc-by-sa, then its derivatives are going to have to be licensed the same as according to the "sa" (share alike) requirement in that license.