Granger Sound Suggestions


making your own sounds is always best bc liscening (however u spell that)

what human sounds do you need?


All except the jet sounds :slight_smile: .



You can upload files to the 'trac website' so I dont think a git repo for the assets will be necessary.

I have never worked with 'trac' so I dont know how much work it would be setting it up.
But I do know that, once set up, it will save you some time. For example:
* the jetsound tickets can be marked as 'closed'.
* @ViruS can assign the blastersound to himself, upload it to the trac-site and mark it as 'fixed'.
* The grangersounds can be marked 'assigned' to @DerWolfsKoenig, who can mark them as fixed once he uploaded his soundfiles.
* And people no longer have to ask which sounds are still needed coz now they can easily see which tickets are still open and unassigned.

Trac features:
You can see how it works at the demo site of trac:

Ps when you decide to use a 'trac site', you can assign a new ticket 'make new ticket for each tremsound' to me :wink:



No idea what all those licenses stand for but I do hope that you feel comfortable with at least one of them.

Ps I like GrangerTaunt_06.aiff best coz that one has the highest pitch (hope I used the correct technical term) and therefor sounds the most female. (Since grangers lay eggs, I think of them as females).


Here's the chart for those license terms ^^


I am no expert at licensing but I want to license with the greatest freedom possible for the samples to be used.
Sampling, sharing and building on them should be possible. I don't need to be mentioned everytime the sounds are used - i think it restrictes usage too much...

Never thought of Grangers as females XD... makes sense in a way however as the DO lay eggs XD. The high pitched granger voice made a cute impression for me thats why i made it that way :slight_smile:


You should release your works as CC0 (Public Domain) which is “No Rights Reserved”.


If you are making a derivative work from a sound that is licensed share alike, you would have to include the same license in your derivative as I understand it.

@romdos , what needs to be done for derivative works from sounds licensed cc-by ?


@GPF , github has all the issue tracking features you have described, with additional benefits for this sound sound replacement project. We don't have to worry about hosting/maintaining an additional system. We get more exposure to developers/contributors as is very popular for open source projects. An independent contributor only needs to have/create a account, fork our repo, add and commit the sound files in the appropriate directory, then submit a pull request back to our repo.

We can use the same repo for all assets actually, not just the sounds (even though the sounds are the only assets that we need to replace due to licensing issues, we are working on other new assets, and will be open to outside contribution for the other assets as well).



I didnt know you could all that with github. Well ... github it is than :smiley:

My granger death sound proposols ( and come with CC-BY license. CC-BY requests this:

Attribution — You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.


All my other proposed sounds come with CC0

If CC-BY is not a good starting point, please tell me and I will look for CC0 replacements.


cc-by is ok, I just need to know if we are going to have to mention the original creator, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made for the derivative works in a file with our distribution of the assets, which we can do. Or if only @DerWolfsKoenig would need to do that where ever he would publicly post that, and if he could give his derivative work a cc0 license (even if the original license was cc-by), and then if GrangerHub would not have to provide said attributions in its distribution.

@romdos ^^


I'm requoting this for context. If you are modifying a CC-BY asset (of any type & version), you must keep the original CC license type and also give an attribution notice. However it is up to you if you want to ALSO be attributed. This means in a README or credits or something, you say:

"Foo.wav" is a derivative of "Foobar.wav" by [Original author], used under CC BY. "Foo.wav" is licensed CC BY by [Your name]

Keep the SAME license type AND version as what the original author used.

If you DO NOT want to be attributed, you MUST still list the attribution for the source of the asset, but can leave your own name off it.

If you are creating an ORIGINAL work (that is 100% yours, not a derivative of any copyrighted nor copylefted thing), you can just say "no attribution required".


Chatted with @dGr8LookinSparky a bit about this already, but figured I'd share it here too so that everyone knows.

All that needs to be done is specify that the sound is a derivative when you are giving attribution notice.

For anyone reading this who wants to modify Tremulous's CC-BY-SA assets, there is no attributable person's name to use as the source for everything, so it is sufficient use the project name to say "(from / via / courtesy of) Tremulous" instead of "by", and include a link to .



Totally forgot about that, I have to check the license of the pig sounds! Thanks for the reminder!


Just an info, I am working hard on the new samples but the next 2 weeks, family and friends have priority. Thus it will take a bit until i come up with new stuff. Mary Christmas to you all and have fun!



Happy holidays @DerWolfsKoenig

Found some sounds that maybe can be used for falling granger aka pain100_1.wav:

The first part of is very simular to pain100_1.wav.

Other falling sounds that could be usefull:

All above sounds are licenced CC0.


Some of these sounds could be ok, but maybe the granger falling sound should feel more organic and less sound like a bag or an object falling/moving ^^ (Just my thought.)

By the way, happy holidays to all, even if I were inactive for a few days ^^ (Some family members came home and I had to let them my room.. ^^)


Since a few days, im on it again! Expect new sounds comming the next 1-2 weeks. This and also : Happy new years eve :smiley:


@DerWolfsKoenig & @GPF , we have relatively recently opened up an assets repo on .


I will look into using the new asset repo soon, meanwhile, here are a few new sounds :






Remember, those samples are work in progress and every feedback is welcome!