Granger Sound Suggestions


@DerWolfsKoenig these are good sounds, but not good granger sounds.

You can probably tweak them a little and make them fucking awesome basilisk sounds, or marauder, but this is nowhere near fluffy/adorable enough for grangers.


Okay thanks for the feedback! I am allready working on a second soundset wich might fit better .


I like them a lot and I would love to hear them in game. When do you put the new granger sounds on test server @dGr8LookinSparky ?

The new granger sounds are based on pig sounds @MaeJong If you know something more adorable than the sound of 350 lbs of pure bacon, please let me know.

It would be great if the new granger sounds can be easily transformed into basilisk and marauder sounds. If not, I will try to find some basic sounds for them when needed.


We can try them out on test7341 on this Saturday's dev games


Any word on this @DerWolfsKoenig ?


sounds like a pig


@DerWolfsKoenig & @GPF , we have the most recent granger sounds available from this topic on the test7341 server, so we can see how it works out for Saturday's dev games :slight_smile: .


First and foremost, sorry for the late reply, I got to see your post just today. I only have 2 Sounds ready for the alternative sound set and it will take me at least a week to create the rest. I have several projects running ATM and The Granger sounds are not of my highest priority. The first set is still missing the 25% pain sound and I will upload that one tomorrow.

Meanwhile bear with me, and plz understand that even seemingly simple tasks like the soundset can take a lot of work.



I understand completely firsthand, not a problem, you are doing great work and it is much appreciated :slight_smile: . If you do manage to upload another sound or two tomorrow, we'll make sure the pk3 is updated for Saturday's dev games.


New granger sounds are on test server and ... I love them ! Looking forward to the 25% pain sound :smiley:
Thank you so much for your hard work @DerWolfsKoenig <3


Here is the 25% Pain sound... ...placeholder I have to say :

I am not happy with this sound ATM, it is too close to the Taunt sound IMO.
I have uploaded this mainly to complete the soundset for the Saturdays dev game, plz bear with me until i can come up with something better.

Edit : Strange, I cant get the file to be accessible for DL/preview and I dont know what is wrong
Edit 2 : now everything should be fine!


Drop Box Link to the granger sounds :slight_smile:


Hmm I think there has been a kind of missunderstanding regarding the Grangersounds i made.
Just to be clear, the sounds currently on the Testserver are NOT the Sounds I made.
Here is - again - the link to the Dropbox where the Sounds are located:

I just want to make clear, you can use sounds or leave them be, that’s not my decision, I just want to make clear, the crap currently online is not from my hands.


hi @DerWolfsKoenig :slight_smile: . I apologize if there was a mix up with the sound files. I just now repacked from scratch a new .pk3 with the files from your most recent post today, and put that on the test7341 server. Here is a direct link to that file for you to check: . Be sure to delete any previous version of the granger sound pk3 files before opening your client, to ensure that your client downloads the latest one. Also take note if the sounds sound different in-game compared to playing the files directly on a media player.

If you are using the 1.3 client, you can test the sounds locally by placing the pk3 in the gpp directory of your tremulous home directory, and starting any map locally with the command /map NameOfSomeMapHere. If you make new versions of any of the sounds and would like to test locally, you can use any .zip utility to replace any file in the .pk3 (.pk3 files are just .zip files with a different extension). The sounds for the granger go in /sound/player/builder/ inside the .pk3.


Correct - the default sounds (unaltered from Tremulous) are what is on Test7341 (at least before Sparky readded a repackaged version of your sounds).

There wasn’t a mix up. The contents of are identical to which were previously tested.

The contents of _0003.pk3 were taken directly from your dropbox links - which are identical to the sounds you posted here on January 25. If there are indeed any newer sounds; you haven’t made them available.