Greetings, it's AutumnLegends


Hello, everyone reading this.
I wasn’t playing this game for a while, but I think it’s time to join the fun.
Since I wasn’t a part of the new Trem community, it was pretty hard to play with people.
And I have to say thank Sparky for bringing me back, playing with him was real fun.
All in all, I am back, here is the clunky intro.


Welcome back @AutumnLegends ! I had fun playing with you as well :smiley: !


Oh, I am really glad to hear that!
I really hope to see you at the next dev games. :slight_smile:


I’ll be there :slight_smile:


Also, may I ask you a question?
How do the admin levels work?
Thanks for replies, by the way!:smiley:


Welcome back. :slight_smile: Also if you are talking about Test7341 admin levels, I am pretty sure they work on a karma system or how well you behave, I haven’t fully known the full extent to it yet, but its something like that, for regular GrangerHub servers it usually works by how you are, what you do and your activity.


We don’t have a karma system implemented yet (but that is on the TODO). For the test7341 server, since it is a development server, the admin levels are pretty informal, pretty much play regularly on the server at least at the dev games, demonstrate worthiness/ability for an admin position, and you’ll eventually be asked if you would like to be set leveled accordingly.

There are 5 levels at the moment (not counting the “unregistered” level 0), and they are mostly default at the moment, and very simple. But at some point the admin system will be getting a complete overhaul.


Thanks for the information @HelpingRobot:slight_smile:
See you in the game!


Thanks Sparky!


Welcome to our forum @AutumnLegends ! :slight_smile:


Thanks, @BillyRazOr2015!
See you in the game:slight_smile: