Help me! Tremulous 1.3 crashed after changing graphics settings


i joined arena|Trench with new trem 1.3 pre alpha version 1.8 and i changed the settings in-game and then my game crashed now whenever i join the server it just crashes on me.

help me fix this please!



What did you change settings wise?


@HelpingRobot i changed the graphics settings from high to custom cuz my computer is old and can't handle graphics which are on a high setting so i play trem on low settings.


When this happens do you get sent back to the main menu, or does your client completely crash? Do you get any errors? If it completely crashed, could you paste the contents of your crash log here? Do you get this issue when connecting to any of the other servers like test7341? Does the issue go away if you set the video quality back to high quality? Have you tried changing the setting to normal, fast, and/or fastest instead of custom?


@dank , try the following setting in your console:

/cl_renderer "opengl1"

That would switch to the old renderer.


thanks sparky
it is working now.

I guess /cl_renderer "opengl1" did the trick. I can now connect to the server without it crashing

From: Dank