Hero's pre-scrim ritual [UNMASKED]


found this secret footage of fk|hero

(at 1:43 we see him helping ckit)
(bird seen at 1:57)
(boosting silver's confidence at 2:18)
further investigation required.



I love how Ckit is some kind of peasant farmer with a broken cart, it parallels his 2 dollar headset.

bird is my son so that is accurate.

I do boost silver's confidence.

I object to being compared to Ajay Devgan. I'm better looking, have better facial hair, dress better and have better abs.


I'm no 8 year old Pakistan kid wtf is this


Quality banter, I love it. The lion rawr at 2:53, haha.


I have no other choice now, that each time I see hero again in-game, would imagine him like this guy.


Aren't you?

I'm okay with this.


Evidence required.


@faceman i've done some investigation as well and found evidence concerning another fk member.

i didn't even make this up


wtf lmao


We've been over this, Ckit's name is Gareth Bale.


Fixed for you hero


Just awful


desala at 3:22


War at 3:47


I am convinced indians have no clue how physics work now


lol, a bit excessive force for a thrown bottle. Talk about aboose!


It's more @faceman @burrito and @Spamo being wooped by @Hero


o dang



Remember kids, don't litter!


Lmao it's fucking perfect