Hey there, Shaun here



Name name’s Shaun, I wasn’t so creative with my username which is Contra|*JustShaun.

I played Tremulous a fair bit back around 2010 for roughly 2 to 3 years, you may have known me as BeansieX or The Hovel Humper.

I only re-downloaded Trem on Friday so I’ve been playing for a couple of games but I’m quite glad to have met most of the devs and plays for the Test server and I’ve also been on the pub server a bit as well.

Look forward to meeting the rest of you!



Welcome to GrangerHub’s forums @JustShaun :smiley: ! It was a pleasure meeting you at the dev games. Feel free to familiarize yourself with the forums (here are our community guidelines: http://forum.grangerhub.com/faq ) , and don’t hesitate to share any ideas, suggestions, constructive criticisms , and questions you may have.


Welcome to our forum @JustShaun! :smiley:
Willkommen in unserem forum!


Welcome @JustShaun. :slight_smile:


ur not welcome in our very secret community, you can’t just download trem like that: there is a whole process to do before:

  1. you have to sucessfull touch your noze with your tongue,
  2. you have to put your right feet behind your head.
  3. use your free hand to slap yourself.
    And, to be accepted here, you have do take a video of you doing 1) 2) 3) at the same time.
    Then send us the video, and you are welcome in ghub. ( or better, just upload it on YT )


Funnily enough Bluefire, I can actually do all three of those.

Afraid you’re just going to have to take my word for it!

Also, cheers guys for the warm welcome :slight_smile:



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