(|'|-|'|)~ Horizon ~(|'|-|'|) Lore Thread


This thread was made to include all the lore made by Horizon and was also made to provide a way for the community to discuss the story as it comes out.
We will be releasing Parts of the story once in a while and in the end provide a resume of the whole story.

We invite you, the community, to take part of the story, you could even become one of the story’s character someday.

Sadly, some rules must apply for some cases where this thread might go into a pure chaos.
So… Here are the rules:

1. Keep a good environment where we can continue delivering lore and still follow along.
2. Do not spam.
3. Follow the forum's rules. They still apply here.

Basically: Follow the general socialization rules.

Now that everything was settled-in, I will start this thread with a nice little post today where I will be sending the beginning of the story. Have a good time reading and enjoy this nice little project of mine :wink: .

(|'|-|'|)~ Horizon ~(|'|-|'|) Official Thread

1st Lore you have discovered so far:

After a few years of secret work on the project, Dr. Raveiskov had finally come to a
successful launch. He had made a new machinery capable of piercing through the earth
with so much force that it could easily reach over ten thousands feets underground
in a single shot. A laser with a focus lens made of a newly discovered material was
in that machine...

- "Is everything ready Commander Kharsveisch?"
- "Yes Doctor... Yes... . ."

A loud vibration could now be heard as the engine was being started.
A gigantic circular trap was being opened to allow the laser to once again pierce
through the earth...

- "Doctor, the engine is ready and the laser power is at 80%. We need to wait a
little longer before activating."
- "How long Commander, How long..."
- "A little less from an hour."
- "Fine... lets make a last checkout."

After checking that everything was fine, Doctor Raveiskov went back to his monitor
to check the power and happened to fall upon a strange creature. A creature looking
like a spider but much bigger and with the body parts looking like not round
spheres... Somehow.. He could not feel the need of telling the commander about this
find, so instead he hid it in the vents after carefully making sure there was no
sounds being made from the creature and the vent grid..

The creature seemed to be willingly thrown in the vents.
Almost like it wanted to go there...

Going back to his monitor the doctor finally saw the power go up to a 100%.
- "Commander Kharsveisch, the power is ready. Fire the laser."
- "Firing in 3..."
*Strangely, it became extremely quiet after he started counting down.*
- "2..."
*Some gargling noise started coming from the vents...*
- "What is that noise?!"
- "What noise Commander?"
- "Are you not hearing this goo-y sound?!"
- "No sire. Now go back to firing before it's too late."
- "I guess you are right... 1!..."

A loud static mixed with some goo-y and some loud screams could now be heard.
From those vents...
After a few seconds of waiting for the shot, a big and bright beam went straight
through the floor. Revealing the strange noise origin...

A strangely dark goo-y nest with millions of strange creatures looking for some
like the one in the vents, and some other looked more like a
giant four-legged spider...

An alarm could now be heard...
Blood and aliens everywhere.

The nightmare... began...

I have no idea when I will be updating the story, but I will certainly do.
Hopefully it is good enough for you to like it and maybe in the future we could implement this in-game or maybe make a movie/short-film with this :wink: .

Have a good time.


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Back in the Gorizont division (The military), an alarm could be heard.
The mining operation had been stopped abruptly and with no answers coming through the requests, the General decided to go see by himself what happened. Crossing through the maze of tunnels and hallways, he finally reached the main reactor room…

The whole reactor had stopped covered in a thick matter unknown to him. Thinking the matter had something to do with the problem, he started taking some of it in a vial for the scientists to analyze.
As soon as he touched the strange liquid, his whole armor started to melt from what was looking like some acid along with some large claw-like holes.
Behind him… A gargantuan looking alien with four legs and two claw-like arms… And a head which could scare even the toughest man…

Tearing flesh and skin along with some bone breaking sounds was now replacing the dead silence…
The general, turning towards the monster noticed something that he had missed the first time around…
Hundreds of corpses… Alien corpses along with all the scientists ones. Without a doubt, they had fought. In vein…

Rushing through the halls, the monster continued his carnage without anyone being able to stop him…
Over a week passed, no souls to be seen around. Everyone was apparently dead…

Or were they…

The project had a wrong turn, but the main scientist, Dr. Volroski had seen worse, running after the first screams could be heard, he reached the high-security zone and ordered a complete close-off of the gates as well as the activation of the defense protocol. Hundreds of turrets could now be seen emerging from the ground. Tesla Towers, Electromagnetic shields, Portable Shields, Portable Anti-Tank devices re-configured for the alien menace were being deployed everywhere over the main bridge. If an alien was to go through there, it would face its end for sure…

At least, that’s what they thought…

A beast that makes you wonder how the hell he managed to go through the tunnels emerged from the main hall…
A beast the size of the base. A true monster with hundreds of small spider-like aliens all over the body.

The queen had arrived…

The Gorizont division has already been added and will now be an active part of the Lore and will hold important roles!

A warm welcome to the Gorizont division!