(|'|-|'|)~ Horizon ~(|'|-|'|) Official Thread


About us:
Horizon was originally a project from its owner, Avarthar, and was to become a Short-Film. But, even with Project Horizon being worked on actively, Horizon’s clan could become real and will hopefully last for a while. This clan will be based on the short-film features and might be the future holder of some of the short-film’s announces.

Why us:
Horizon is at the heart a remake of the old clan Dwarfs (Which was a remake of other clans made by Avarthar in the past.)
The reason why Horizon has became real as of today is that not only is it a project that is close to me personally, but it is part of a lore which could definitely fit with a game like tremulous.

Yes. Lore. We plan on adding a lot of Lore which could provide a good and solid foundation for GrangerHub to possibly add from. The idea regarding this will be found in the Thinking Tank section. Link
Now, as of the clan’s personal lore, I will be adding a lot of little logs with in the end a resume of the whole lore for those who couldn’t or wasn’t able to follow the story.
Maybe someday we could have some Cross-Clan stories and have a nice little GrangerHub/Tremulous story. But once again, you will be able to find the Idea Here and the Lore Here

The way we work for recruitment is simple. You want join? Apply with the nice and simple application form, we will then be reviewing it and inform you back on this thread whether or not you were accepted or not. We are generally open to pretty much everyone as long as a the general unwritten rules of socialization are respected. (Basically no racism, be respectful, and so on…)

Application form:

1. In-Game Name (IGN):
2. Weekly Active Time:
3. Why should we pick you:
4. Are you willing to use Discord when doing Clan Wars:
5. Any other information you'd like to add:

Current Members:

1. Avarthar (Leader)
2. AutumnLegends (Gorizont Division Leader)
3. Azmodei (Gorizont Warrior)
4. DrFilpot (Gorizont Warror)

Matches Won/Lost:

Wins:     0
Losses:   0
Draws:    0


Completed:  0
Began:      0
Announced:  0
Skipped:    0

This thread will be kept updated as often as possible. I am not as active as before, but I do come by every-now-and-then.


I’m looking forward to seeing Horizon in many legendary Tremulous adventures! I wish the best of luck to Horizon :slight_smile: !


Since my own clan failed, I want to stop being unemployed. :smile:

  1. In-Game Name (IGN):
  2. Weekly Active Time:
    Mon, Tue, Sun, Sat at 20-00 to 21-30 GMT+3(Moscow)
  3. Why should we pick you?
    I dunno. I guess I am calm at all times, can play well, enjoy cooperation with the team.
  4. Are you willing to use Discord when doing Clan Wars:
    Yes :slight_smile:
  5. Any other information you’d like to add:
    I like pizza


Thanks for your application and I’m happy to see you’re interested in joining the clan :slight_smile:

Application Accepted!

As for the clan tag, Here are some prefixes which will be accepted for the clan:

1. (|'|-|'|)
2. (H)
3. H
4. (|-|)

You can apply any colors and put the tag in any order when using it.
And the tags are only required in clan wars. You are allowed to remove it from the name when not in clan wars ^^.

Thanks again for taking interest in joining the clan, I can’t wait to get back to making some trainings once the clan is fully accepted on the forums and once 1.3 officially releases. The trainings will be based upon the new features and most of them still needs to be tested a lot (For strategies and such.)

I might not be online/active much, but I’m still trying to come once in a while ^^.
I can’t guaranty the clan getting filled or anything since I’m still heavily loaded on tasks like work, schooling and about three projects.


Thanks for accepting the application! :smile:
I guess we could merge. I have two more people with me. :slight_smile:

Update: All my people are willing to join. They should send application sometime soon. :slight_smile:

@avarthar, shall I change my TremBearers clan topic to Gorizont- Horizon Russian Division? Or any other name?


Sure ^^, why not :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean it’s your choice whether to or not to.

  1. In-Game Name (IGN):
  2. Weekly Active Time:
    A few hours here and there.
  3. Why should we pick you:
    Team play is the best, and Trem is best for team play
  4. Are you willing to use Discord when doing Clan Wars:
  5. Any other information you’d like to add:
    Never forget. Never forgive. The Fallen must repent.


Welcome in the clan. ^^

Application Accepted!

The prefixes and the rules applying to them are right after the application of AutumnLegends^^.


Also, you can still work your clan the same way you did before. It will now be seen as a division of Horizon and will eventually happen in the Lore thread as well :wink: . (Little bonus I throw in for those who join.)


Thanks! :smile:
May we participate in the lore creation somehow? :slight_smile:


Sure, I have no problem with that, being part of the Horizon family you are now allowed to even continue the lore on the Lore thread ^^. (As well as any member of the clan)


I guess I should message you a Subdivision Gorizont short lore story. :slight_smile:


Your decision ^^. In fact you make me think, I need to post a new part of the Lore for Horizon :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, that would be great! Possibly with your pixel art illustrations? :slight_smile:


I’ll try to make more for Horizon :stuck_out_tongue: It would indeed be great. Time for some pixeling :stuck_out_tongue:


I have updated the member list and added the Gorizont members as well with their division infront of their rank.
Note that their rank are decided by the Gorizont division leader.

(Basically Horizon is like a big science project where a lot of different divisions are united into reaching a future so long waited for.)


@romdos, I’d like to register Horizon as an official clan ^^.

Only clan leaders may list their clan online.

I’m the leader of Horizon, (Is it okay if we have division leaders? I mean in the end we are all one clan.)

Clan leader/manager must get membership verification from at least 3 more clan mates
with registered accounts on the forums, each with a minimum trust level of 1 
(must not be dummy accounts).

With Me and the members of the Gorizont division (Lead by AutumnLegends) (AutumnLegends, Azmodey, DrFilpot) it does a total of 4 members.


Hi! I was the third member of TremBearers

  1. In-Game Name (IGN):
  2. Weekly Active Time:
    Mon, Wed, Sat and Sun at 20-30 to 22-00 GMT +3(Moscow)
  3. Why should we pick you:
    I am friendly calm, also like playing in a team
  4. Are you willing to use Discord when doing Clan Wars:
    010110010110010101110000 (Yep :smiley:)
  5. Any other information you’d like to add:
    You can call me MrDoc(Mister Doctor)
    Age: about 158 years
    And remember: There is no strength in flesh, only weakness


Application Accepted!

Welcome into the family! ^^

I will try to see about the trainings, I’ve yet to decide exactly how we should do them ^^.
And I will be having a discord shortly that I will send in a personal message here on the forum.


Horizon is now registered with GrangerHub, congratulations :smiley: !