How 2 run Superpie's Visual Mod on 1.3:0.13?


Pls. Y no wurk on 1.3? :quakethonk:

Halp me bring back purple grangurs to Tremulous sporky. :advgranger: @dGr8LookinSparky

Plug it into Tremfusion 0.99 - %appdata%/tremulous/base, works fine.
Plug it into T1.3:0.13 - %appdata%/tremulous/base, nothing happn.

Tested using sv_pure 0 and /devmap atcs.

Wot do?


Put it in %appdata%/Tremulous/gpp
The default fs_basegame for the 1.3 client is different.


Tried that. %appdata%/Tremulous/GPP does not load. It only works if I put it into Program Files (x86)/Tremulous/GPP.

Can’t figure out the logic behind that behavior.