Idea: shoot from the gun


And not from the center of the screen.


Is it possible to allow player-selected left/right/center ‘handedness’ and offset the origin of shots from there?

For what it’s worth, it seems like it’d be trivial to mirror the appearance of gun/weapon models on the player’s screen (for lefties), and also for what it’s worth, I already made a left-handed version of the tremguy torso…


It is possible but you’ll need more gode in the game. I think the easiest “solution” to this “problem” is to make the gun spawn at a lower point on the Z axis like the flamethrower code does in GPP (which is a very easy implementation) but it may not look so pretty on some guns. It might even be easier to just re-oreitnate every gun so they are centered, I do have code for many of the weapons that center the guns (except the blaster) but I can’t remmeber idea where I placed that code, but it’s in one of my Lolards.pk3 mods

with the strong shot of lucifer cannon the player will have a small push back allowing to shoot and deviate from attacks with the weapon's momentum