{Idea} Short-Range Radar


It could be nice to have a short-range buildable radar that would show a dot (like the radar) on the target position.
For exemple: (on ATCS)
A human builds the radar.
An alien goes in the tunnels.
Once the alien reaches the radar’s registration range it shows a dot on it’s current position following the alien as long as it is in range of the radar.

We could then have an upgraded version which could show a letter (with a + sign if the alien is advanced.) or an icon instead of the dot following the same logic from before. The range could also be increased when we build the upgraded version.
Only one radar could be built or building additional ones would only be possible right next to the first radar and would boost the radar range by a few units(maybe 1 or 2 per) with a little boost of maybe 3 or 5 when attaching 4 short-range radars to the Augmented short-range radar. The maximum range could be of maybe 20-30 units or something in the range of these depending on the map size.


What if there was a deployable that behaved similar to that? If you dropped such a deployable, whenever an alien was within range, it wouldn’t wouldn’t give away the exact location of the alien, however, it would broadcast a beacon, showing the position of the deployable on the HUD, along with the icon of the alien that passed by.

This could give a heads up on attacks, flanking, hunting, etc, while still not taking away too much of the surprise and not acting like (or potentially covering up) a wallhack so to speak.


I do agree, I hope we can get that in-game. Especially on large maps :stuck_out_tongue: It would make for some great strategies from both humans and aliens.

I just imagine an army of tyrants rushing in and the humans that see them come already being ready for the lost or already planning a counter-attack/defense :stuck_out_tongue: