I'm trying to make an Ambush server


So I went here : https://mirror.kdude63.com/mercenaries_guild/archive/MODs/Ambush/ and I want to set up an ambush server but I don’t know how to. (and I’m running Linux 64-bit) I wan’t to run it on a server that me and some friends can play on. I have an invasion server but I don’t like invasion and remember Ambush being quite fun indeed. If anyone can help me out that would be very helpful.


It doesn’t work if you drop the provided ambush game.qvm into a 1.1 tremded server setup? It doesn’t look like any other assets are required, except the Ambush maps (you may also need path node layouts, but perhaps they come with the maps?). Btw, I haven’t setup an ambush mod, and I’m not familiar with that mod, but this is the impression I’m getting. @avarthar did setup an ambush mod awhile ago (maybe last year), although I haven’t seen him around recently.


I can get a server to run the qvm but g_ambush is set to 0 and when I change it to 1 and restart nothing happens but it’s still running ambush


Are you sure it is turned on? You will need the map configs and suchs to get it to work well.
I can get my old server zipped up and downloadable, but I had a qvm I modified a bit for fun. (The default one should still work.)


Here is the link for the files I had used on my old server.

Feel free to change anything in the folders. (You might want to change the qvm before opening the server at all since mine was altered in some really unbalancing and random manners.)