Improve the server browser


If the developers adopt my proposal for Tremulous to focus on user creativity, I think it will need a new server browser to match its spirit. It should be visible immediately upon opening Tremulous and should should have heading sections with up to 5 servers each. It’s critical that the title page’s algorithms should give all servers a chance to shine and ensure maximum player satisfaction. Example title sections:

  • Evil Genius Laboratories - special section for temporary experimental servers for new mods and maps and ongoing games with new updates in more permanent development servers; temporary experimental servers should take precedence.

  • Editor’s Picks - shows a mix of randomly picked servers from the list of servers hand-picked by the GrangerHub administration team. If some of those have players and some do not, should show a mix of populated and unpopulated servers.

  • Recently Updated - new servers, servers with recently created and updated maps and mods, etc.


To add to @lamefun’s Browser, friend parties would be great! Also, having Clans inbuilt in the browser, and letting members know, where are their clan mates would be great.


I would think the sections should be optional and be able to be hidden by the user in preferences. The user should also be able to set up their own favorites categories that open up first. Great ideas :slight_smile: