In need of xserverx tremded


I have a better PC now and I can run the Z server on my linux installation with the visual bug gone but still no survival tho :frowning: sorry for being so late, i took a tremulous break for a while lol but im back :smiley:


This is actually one of my favorite bugs in the game. If it was possible to turn this into a command I’d use it all the time (even though the bot does nothing but walks around for the player (unless the player has really high ping)).

If you plan on fixing it though, it might be possible to change the bots to connect before the map loads? I’m not sure if that would cause problems with the server or client side, but it might work.


I have recently been working on implementing a bot system for 1.3. A large part of this initial implementation involves porting bot code from ioquake3 as well as from the gpp mod BotsCamp. In ioquake3 there are checks right in the tremded to ensure that a client slot is completely free for a connecting bot to use (hint: it involves checking that the tremded client state has the value of CS_FREE). I’ll be posting the full source code to this new bot system for 1.3 in the near future after we get the basic kinks worked out for that system.


I WANT BOTS! ME WANT TO DO BACK ME AMBUSH SURVUR :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


What happened to that server? Did you remove it after I stopped asking about it?


No, waht I mean is that I had a server “Dwarfs Server - Ambush” and I couldn’t keep it online due to poor internet. But now I’m hesitating on buying a small vps server to host it 24/7 ^^

And if sparky implements bots on ghub’s qvm/mod I would definitely like to use it more than that old epbot or that old ambush one as well. Sure 1.1 or gpp is fun, but would much prefer having it working the same way as ghub does. But yea.
I got a little more time today and I’ll try to see if I can revert a few bad fixes I did on my modified ambush qvm :stuck_out_tongue: (Hopefully I still have the original one. Otherwise I might go and use virus’s google page ^^.)