Introducting the "Vega-beta1" map on the steroids on the new renderer


Title say all :slight_smile:

There are some bugs, like leaks in the map what I cannot fix (I don’t know how and I don’t want to learn how <3 with love Dushan)

Don’t mind low FPS, I have really, really before-the-great-flood GPU and the leaks inside the map are killing my FPS.

I did direct comparing the “Vega-beta4” map for the Unvanquished video game and the “Vega-beta1” what is presented here in the screenshots

The “Vega-beta1”, retextured, recompiled and on the new renderer

Stock “Vega-beta4” on the Unvanquished 0.50, Windows 64 build, all settings are on the maximum


Looks very impressive good work.