Introducting the "Vega-beta1" map on the steroids on the new renderer


Title say all :slight_smile:

There are some bugs, like leaks in the map what I cannot fix (I don’t know how and I don’t want to learn how <3 with love Dushan)

Don’t mind low FPS, I have really, really before-the-great-flood GPU and the leaks inside the map are killing my FPS.

I did direct comparing the “Vega-beta4” map for the Unvanquished video game and the “Vega-beta1” what is presented here in the screenshots

The “Vega-beta1”, retextured, recompiled and on the new renderer

Stock “Vega-beta4” on the Unvanquished 0.50, Windows 64 build, all settings are on the maximum


Looks very impressive good work.


I took some screenshots on my geforce 1060 graphics card :slight_smile:


Kudos :slight_smile:


Will this come to trem and as a client


The plan is one way or another, sooner or later :wink: .


cant wait to see looks decent so far



Oh my gosh! My eyes are burning!!! xD

Fantastic graphics! :smiley:


There’s a limit to how much bloom is too much


There are console variables (cvars) what are controlling all graphics features.
Pictures like that are because retexturing and shaders are don’t in improper and in a bad way.
Someone who is much better then me need to rewrite them so this map “Vega” and all other maps looks like UTCS UD here.


And that is not a bloom effect, it is just a different type of lighting inside the engine.


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Looks very pleasing can’t wait to see how it looks with actual gameplay lol


Nice graphics. :smiley: