Looking for the mother of all maps

Hello people!

Y come here because you are one of the last living community!

And y research and old map y cant remember his name but y remember two thinks:
The map are a quick made map, and when you tipe “pylon” in console/chat the pylon mix1 will be played on the map!

They are maybe not the best map ever but y remember having some fun on it, not playing to win but just amusement and fun ^^.

If one of you remember is name or have a Pk3 of the map y would be interested! :smile:

Thanks, and sorry for my poor english.

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Sounds like a fun map but I can’t remember playing it.

i think i may have some maps that have pylon music in it



Thank Burrito, the pielon map is the good, y remember all the part on a server full with mass falling suicide on this stupid fun map!
Thanks again, now y stop before crying :wink:

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