Map for Mae

Mae … map-mission_one_redux can be found on … good luck

Edit: I see grangerhub forum has mapping subforum but have no idea how to delete this post … I am sorry.

Edit 2: thank you Sparky for moving this post to the mapping subforum :smiley:

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They only added some arrows, retextured stuff and made the fight zone a different kind of cancer…

@dGr8LookinSparky: Might be interested in replacing the current mission_one with this [LINK REMOVED: map doesn’t work] though because it’s still less cancerous than the current one’s final area.

For some reason it crashes both the old gpp client and the new client for me.

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Oh god so it was made to run on X’s modded servers exclusively I guess… I only looked at the source map file through radiant. I’m probably going to edit the final area of the regular mission_one so we aren’t forced to play 30 mins of plain [CENSORED] shit when people vote it… since making anything better than the current final area wouldn’t take more than 1 hour…

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@MaeJong , @Code_Man made that remake of mission one. He informed me that he does plan on fixing it and finishing it at some point and asks that you do something different with the final base than what he did.

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Mission One with @Code_Man 's fixes and @MaeJong’s battle area sounds like a great map :smiley:

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